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Canton of Graubunden

A hidden gem in the Canton of Graubunden, this lovely town sits quietly; not for a minute betraying its old age. Old because Arosa has been in existence from times dating way back to the 13th century, but it has probably remained quiet from the fact that it lies away from major tourist trails in the Alpine region of Switzerland. You will even be more surprised when I mention that the first inn in the village opened in 1877; yes, 1877; yet the town had been around for decades before that.

Sitting majestically at the top of the Schanfigg Valley, right at the foot of the Aroser Weiss horn, Arosa has slowly turned into a self-proclaimed jewel and a must visit destination for visitors around the area. Its old culture and history is evident in the lay of the land and stands as a true testament that old truly is gold.

A Holiday in Arosa should be


In everyone’s bucket list just to see how much excitement a small town setting could bring. Before going though, one need to know of what the land has to offer as well as the many activities and sightseeing ventures you may indulge in while there.

Mountain Church of Arosa

Holiday in Arosa

This little church with a wooden roof was built right around the time when Christopher Columbus was discovering America and it is quite a spectacle to still be standing to date. The organ in the church is of the 18th century and the two bells at the top are the original bells, inscribed with the date ‘1492’ – the year when the church was consecrated, after construction. Priding in having Plessur and Hoch wan mountain ranges for a backdrop, it has become a popular wedding venue for romantics on Holiday in Arosa; and after seeing it, it is not hard to see why.

Local History Museum in Arosa

Local History Museum in Arosa

Being the oldest house in the village, this building formerly used as a meeting hall in considered by many locals to be the most beautiful building in the area. Constructed with wood; this house is historically rich right from the outside moving inwards; no wonder it was selected to house the town’s museum. What better way to preserve antiquity that within antiquity itself? The Eggahus in Innerarosa has each room dedicated to a different theme and they all come together to tell the history of the land and its people.

Train Ride from Zurich to Chur

Train Ride from Zurich to Chur

Another exciting thing to do while on Holiday in Arosa is to take the train ride from Zurich to Chur – two localities just neighboring Arosa. Chur is the gateway; or entrance, rather; into the Graubunden Canton and the reason why this train ride is so famed is because you get to ride along the banks of Lake Zurich and Lake Walensee; right next to the waters in one of the most exciting train ride experience there possibly could be. Holidaymakers really enjoy this trip as it is such priceless memories that constitute a great holiday to be remembered for a long time to come.

Sporting Activities in Arosa

Sporting Activities in Arosa

Now, from its location, it would be most unfair if this area did not boast of a wealth of sporting activities for locals and visitors; professionals and amateurs; enthusiasts and average watchers alike. Be it skiing, snowboarding, skating or sledding; there is definitely a variety to keep you interested all throughout your visit. There are over 60km of slopes on which you could work your prowess, or you could try out the Snowboard Fun Park. Ice sports are pretty fun and if you have never tried it before, at like make it a first while on Holiday in Arosa.

Nature Walks in Arosa

Nature Walks in Arosa

Even when on holiday, at times one just needs to relax from any blood-warming adrenalin-generating activity and take time off to connect with the silence in their heads and with nature. While Holidaying in Arosa, this is no problem at all as the area has such rich natural reserves full of Alpine flora and fine pine-woods. Just enjoy the songs of birds and the fresh crisp air as you walk in the safe woods of Arosa and make your holiday not only exciting; but also meditative and enriching; as well as fulfilling.

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