Kursaal – Arosa Thing To Do Rank 3

An Ideally Historical Location For Hotel

Kursaal Hotel is to be found in what is known as the historical center, located at the heart and center of Florence. It is between the train station of Santa Maria and the Duomo.  It is only a short distance from the main museums and monuments which include; Ponte Vecchio, Accdemia and the Uffizi Gallery. It is situated adjacent to the Fortezza da Basso Exhibition Center and the Congress Fair and Centre.

Hotel arosa

A Accommodation That Fits Your Budget

If you are looking for that ideal place with a good budget and is central, then the Kursaal is the place for you.  From here you can easily explore Tuscany and Florence. Apart from the technology and modern amenities, you will be surrounded by warm owners and staff always ready and available to assist you in the friendliest of ways.

The reception, located on the 3rd floor of the 1800’s Florentine building can be reached via a small lift. Here you will be welcomed to a place that has been renovated and where great attention to all details is basic. This hotel which is family run, offers service, comfort, tranquility and good cleaning. This is all done with ecology being accorded special focus. You will meet an interior design that is cool, swift and nice service.

It is a good food spot for those with teenagers and children as they serve good chicken wings and great burgers, piping hot and freshly prepared, Service is prompt and friendly. If you like cutlet accompanied by potatoes, even a shared wine bottle, you are on spot.

You will get to enjoy a generous and classy lounge bar which is adjacent to the cinema targeting the under twenty generation. The Hotel has two worthy dance halls playing music for all generations.

If you are ecology conscious, the Kursaal & Ausonia has been recently been equipped and remodeled with systems that are eco friendly for energy saving. Kursaal & Ausonia Hotel, being environmentally and sustainability conscious donates yearly, to a worthy energy cause.

If you stay here for three nights you get a 10% reduction for using the double rooms. Bookings made twenty one days prior to arriving receive 5% discount, depending on season.

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