Basel Thing To Do Rank 2

Situated very close to the city center, Basel Zoo is first class. It was ranked the 7th Best in Europe in 2009. “Zolli” is right in the middle of the town and doesn’t require a lot of effort to get there. The tram stops are right outside with a dedicated station and the same goes for the buses. This means it is also an oasis of peace and quiet on busy days. It is right on the border of three busy countries, France, Germany and Switzerland.

Verity Of Animals & Birds For Animal Lovers

For you the animal lover, there are many varieties of animals and birds. Children will have a great time here. The Zoo is particularly famous for its successes in breeding gorillas, rhinos, elephants, reindeers and wolves. You will get to see a lot of different animals from all around the world, Zebras, Giraffes, Elephants, Hippos, Rhinos, lion, lionesses, monkeys, orangutans, apes, Sea Lions, Penguins, Ostriches, Pelicans, Flamingos, Australian turkeys and many others. The animals are kept in clean and nice territories and they look healthy. Even if it is raining, you will still be able to see the animals.

Entrance fees are reasonable and on Mondays, you will get a discount.  If you live in the area and purchase a yearly pass it is a great deal. The selection of animals, the walks, footpaths and the surroundings are awesome. Make sure you don’t miss the penguin walk, ape house and the aquarium. The aquarium is surprisingly diverse with fish from Switzerland and the world. You will enjoy getting close to the wildlife. The new great ape enclosures can provide you with plenty of entertainment if you sit quietly and watch.

Basel Zoo Uniqueness

What make Basel Zoo unique is the possibility of you having very close encounters with BIG animals like the hippo and the snow leopard. It is very stroller friendly but be sure to keep your young children at a distance in case the hippo suddenly emerges from the water and catches you unaware.


You will get food at the restaurant that is of excellent quality and not especially expensive.

Excellent zoo – animals very happy and well kept.

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