Unveiling the charm of Swiss celebrations of Fasnacht

Switzerland is a land of fascinations, charms and spellbinding sources to captivate thousands of tourists to enjoy its enchantments to see marvelous landmarks, experiencing Swiss temptations, to indulge in awe-inspiring activities and events. One of two significant Swiss celebrations around the year is carnival of Fasnacht means “night before fast” that is celebrated in late winters in all the major towns of Swiss region to welcome the gratifying weather of spring. Huge arrangements and hopes takes hype with passing days of winter to make excessive merriments for the seasonal carnival. It is mainly celebrated by the catholic Christians of the region just like the carnivals of Mardi-Gras in rest of Europe and American states. Jam filled diamond shapes doughnuts have been eaten at the night before the carnival to start the celebration with religious passion.

Chronicles of Fasnacht

The carnival of Fasnacht has been celebrated before the Easter Sunday by the Catholics with belief to consume all the rich ingredients before the Lenten season in shape of doughnuts. The tradition of doughnuts has been dragged from Netherlands or Germany to Switzerland and further European countries to celebrate the tradition of Mardi-Gras. The festival always ends with the Ash Wednesday to start the fifth season according to catholic belief. Started in 12th century with fixed rules to celebrate the event and the period has been extended in 15th century up to a whole week of merriments.

Basel’s Fasnacht is most prominent place for this festival with widely celebrated gaieties. The grand event is been listed in the top 50 local festivals of Europe. The festival expands on many days of happy events, dancing parade and much more.

Scheduled time

The festival of Fasnacht starts from the mid of February to start of March in different cities of Switzerland. In Basel the celebrations begins from the 10th of Feb right at 4:00 a.m. on Monday morning to 4:00 a.m. on Thursday. Three day festivity set on the morning of Monday with putting the lights off in whole city and “Fasnachtlers” march in the streets with lighted lanterns. Large vivacious and groomed parade is the main attraction takes place on Monday and Wednesday afternoon, whereas Tuesday afternoon is reserved for kid’s parade. The procession of carnivals blazes with voices of enchanters, drummers and sounds of piccolo players. The brass bands amplifies the effect of festivity, people wear dramatic face masks and funky costumes to mimic various local celebrities and traditional legends.


Whole year the participants of carnival parades keep on doing their practice and performances to do their best on the day of Fasnacht parade. Mask making, costume tailoring and preparation of grand models to include in parade have been carried out till the day of festival as all the people love to play their part in the celebrations. Local people as well as large number of tourists participate in the festival to relish the exuberant atmosphere, to witness the rich culture and tradition of Swiss region and to grab the chance of making fantastic collage of photos on canvas to keep the worthy moments alive forever. Many groups from adjacent and faraway places also gather to give an appearance in the carnival to express their gratitude for the grand celebration.

Trends of celebrations

The celebrations are not just the projection of happy times and merriments but also an opportunity to elaborate and convey positive messages to youth and common people. Many personifications and narration been performed on the day of festival. Huge crowds and energetic participants hale at the colossal floats, graceful carriages, sound of mummer’s, lively music, Dance of Death, Rhythmists, pipers, and Guggenmusik bands. Significant figures been portrayed by masks and badges of festival are special so venire that you can take along as pleasant remembrance of the celebration.

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