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Bern city view in winter

Bern, the capital of Switzerland, has not only been well cared for, but it is also one of the most picturesque cities in Switzerland. More importantly, with a two-day city break in Bern, you can learn so much about this country during your holiday in Switzerland that it is well worth it to go. Here is where you will see a real Swiss city at work, not just another tourist stop – and going to Bern and spending a few days will make your holiday in Switzerland so much richer.

First Stop – The House of Parliament

Bern House of Parliament of Switzerland

This massively impressive building, which was completed in 1902, is the seat of the Swiss government, but also a gathering place for the people of Bern. In fact, there is a traditional market that sets up shop once a week in Parliament Square where local fruits, vegetables, and fresh flowers are sold. There are guided tours of the facility when Parliament is not in session, which includes viewing the impressive collection of artwork as well as the singularly spectacular architecture of this magnificent edifice. The building was actually constructed in three phases: first, the original Federal Palace in 1852; then the west wing in 1884; and finally in 1902, the actual dome-toped structure that joins the two sides together.

Next Stop – The Clock Tower (Zytglogge)

Clock Tower (Zytglogge) in bern, Switzerland

If there was anything that symbolised much of what Switzerland is all about, it is the Clock Tower which has stood and kept time in the center of Bern since around the year 1218. It was completely refurbished to its current state in 1580, but since then, has changed little except for some remodeling, maintenance and upkeep. This amazing clock stands at an overall height of 54.5 meters and its sides measure about 11 meters each, so this is one very large town clock. However, the impressiveness of Zytglogge doesn’t stop there. Dominating both the east and west facade are massive clock faces. While one face is a rather standard Roman numeral face, the other is an astrological clock with multiple moving parts. There is also a larger-than-life bell ringer puppet that moves with the clock to strike the hour bell located at the top of the clock, and many other details and features that have been added or embellished over the years since the Clock Tower was constructed. If there is one thing to see on your holiday in Switzerland, it is the Bern Clock Tower.

Moving The Tour Along – The Rose Garden In Old Town

the Rose Garden In Old Town of Bern, Switzerland

One thing that you will notice on your holiday in Switzerland is that most cities have an Old Town. This is because the Swiss are very immaculate when it comes to preserving their heritage and culture – one reason alone to visit this incredible country. However, the Old Town in Bern is really something to see, especially the famed Rose Garden. First of all, the Rose Garden affords a beautiful view of Old Town and is a peaceful place to relax if you have had a busy day. Secondly, it is spectacularly beautiful in its own right. This is because the Rose Garden is a public park with over 220 types of different roses, 200 types of different irises and 28 varieties of rhododendrons. As you tour the park, you can enjoy a reading garden, the main pavilion and the Rosengarten restaurant while you enjoy your Bern holiday in Switzerland.

You Can’t Miss It – The Cathedral Of Bern

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If there is one structure you can’t miss on your holiday in Switzerland, it’s the Cathedral of Bern. This is because its main spire rises 100 meters into the air to dominate the entire skyline of the city. You can walk the 344 steps to the top, where you can see much of the surrounding countryside. The Cathedral of Bern, which is the largest and most significant church from the Middle Ages in Switzerland, dates back to 1421 when construction started – although the spire wasn’t finished until 1893. There is also a noteworthy depiction of ‘The Last Judgment’ in the portal leading to the spire.

The Two Day Tour Of Bern

As you can see, you can take in most of the highlights of Bern in two days. But in these two days, you can really get to the heart of the country on your holiday in Switzerland. And don’t forget, Bern is also a city of fountains. Everywhere in the city, you will see vividly colored fountains dating back to the 1550’s. There are over 100 in all, and they have all been restored to their former glory, so that you can just imagine what Bern was like when they were erected in this lovely capital city so long ago.

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