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This pretty municipality in the Canton of Valais has quite the lengthy name, but this is because it was ‘born’ as a resultant merger of the three towns: Birigerbad, Brig city and Belalp. It is a very pretty town with houses dating back to the 17th century and most of the buildings having very prominent Italian appearance thanks to the influence of the people’s culture. They are very beautiful though; and one could completely sink in staring at the structures within the town.

The area is quite spectacular because as much as the three areas are close together and thus merged into one, they all have very different historical backgrounds and each has a story of its own to tell. How they all merge into one; almost seamlessly, is what is intriguing about the makeup of the land.


A Holiday in Birigerbad – Brig – Belalp is definitely a must-take as the area is fames for its thermal pool reserves that see many taking long thermal baths. The surrounding landscape is also a pretty sight as it seems right off a page in a travel magazine; indicative of the places one just has to visit before the end of time.

Hiking in Birigerbad


The pleasantly mild climate and the panoramic surroundings have got to be what makes this area such a hot spot for hikers and even those on Holiday in Birigerbad – Brig – Belalp have taken a liking to hiking to the valleys of Gredetsch and Baltshieder. The two valleys are favoured as a result of their irrigation channels (Suonen) dating back to the medieval times. The hiking experience is fun as well as a refreshing view giving one more access to hidden gems on the land.  Birigerbad – Brig – Belalp area has such a convenient location that the physically fit could head to Zermatt, Crans-Montana, Saas-Fee and Chamonix towns in just an hour or slightly more.

Camping in Birigerbad


Probably owing to the proximity to the largest open-air thermal spa in Switzerland, the Birigerbad – Brig – Belalp is considered a favourite among camping enthusiasts. Need not worry if 6ou did not bring your own camping equipment, you may rent at a camping shop within the town at a pretty affordable rate. A Holiday in Birigerbad – Brig – Belalp spent camping will earn you quite a couple of new friends the world over as many opt for this rather than staying in chalets and hotels. Even when you have kids, there are kids’ playing grounds right within the site to ensure everybody is accommodated into the camp.

The Thermal Spa in Birigerbad


I bet many of us go swimming and depending on how long you have been in the water, it gets cold at some point and you begin to shiver. So now imagine if the swimming pool were to be heated up to around 35⁰C; in Birigerbad – Brig – Belalp, this imagination becomes a reality and not even in one pool but in 6! There is even a swimming pool located within a grotto and with air conditioning just to make sure nobody faints from the heat. There is also a turbulent thermal river pool and within the locality is the largest underwater jet massage installation in Switzerland.

The Brigerbad Hot Springs

Now this is one favourite destination for men and women alike who may be Holidaying in Birigerbad – Brig – Belalp. The baths are considered therapeutic as they are very relaxing and this combined with their location right between the towns of Brig and Visp on the Rhone valley; makes them all the more desirable. Many people swear by thermal springs and even if you do not, this visit will definitely be worth it as the waters really do give one a sense of well being and health; and it should; it does, after all, have quite a deposit of natural minerals.

Sightseeing in Birigerbad

Sightseeing in Birigerbad

From the ancient irrigation channels (Suonen) within the valleys of Baltschieder and Gredetsch; to the mountain trails and glistening mountain peaks peeping from within the clouds, Birigerbad – Brig – Belalp has a central location that just makes it ideal for viewing some of the most interesting sites in Switzerland. West of this is the ‘sunny hill’ on Loschberg; home to the first grotto swimming pool in Europe as well as the unique Olympic swimming pool. There is a lot to fest your eyes on while on Holiday in Birigerbad – Brig – Belalp; as well as plenty of memories to make and keep.

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