Birigerbad – Brig – Belalp Thing to do rank 3

The Diavolezza, She-Devil, at a height of 2978 meters is located to the South East of Munt Pers which stands at 3207 m in the mountain area of Pontresina, Graubunden.

Accessing The Mountain Area Through Cable Cars

You can access the mountain area by cable car coming from Val Bernina, through the Bernina Pass valley. At the cable car base station at 2093 m we have a train station using the Bernina line, Rhaetian Railway. Once on the summit, you get to relax and enjoy a restaurant having a panoramic terrace. You will also get a hotel that offers both bunk-style and hotel-class accommodations.

Diavolezza, one of Upper Engadin ski

Diavolezza, one of Upper Engadin ski areas is also connected to that one of Piz Lagalb, lying on the valley opposite side. The two are normally marketed as one area, the Diavolezza-Lagalb. Diavolezza-Lagalb is known for difficult slopes, all black and red, plus good snow which can last up to May. Very popular is a difficult ten km slope down from the Morterastch Glacier to Morteratch Station.

For you the traveler, it is a great stopping point on your way to Italy, wonderful journey by train. You get magnificent views. It is a peaceful to just sit, stare and enjoy the glacier. If you are so inclined, you can set off into the valley which is free for those who qualify for the hotel all inclusive package cards.

The close up view to the glacier is great; restaurant is lovely restaurant with good food and service and comes highly recommended. You can enjoy nice walks going the glacier top too and the path is well marked and managed.

When you get off the cable car, you will get incredible glacier views. You can take the 20 minute walk and get a phenomenal 360 degrees view from Sass Queder top. This is an amazing and wonderful place go to in Switzerland where one can still find enough snow during high summer. Even for those who won’t dare to go or venture out too far, the views are just great.

You can view Bernina Range Alps by journey via cable car. There is also a viewing area and a comfortable restaurant overlooking the snow mountain ranges and ice glaciers.

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