Brig, Schweiz

Brig—Brigerbad Thermal

Brig is a small town known for its historic quarters like the Stockalper Palace which is regarded to be one of the most significant places in the whole of Switzerland. Itis geographically situated as a vital starting point for a number of activities for tourist and adventurers to enjoy.

Ride your bikes to the Valais and experience the wine tasting as never before you have imagined. Bring your family for a hiking in Brig and out to the Alps. We recommend the passing the suspended Riederalp Bridge afor a trully exciting adventure. From Brig, you can take the slowest train that brings you to have a 7.5 hours experience of passing 291 bridges and 91 tunnels.

For sports addicts and thrill-enthusiasts, paragliding in the alps is another activity that one should not miss. Proffessionals will be there to guide you in attaining a super experience of your lifetime.

Brig—Brigerbad Thermal Holiday - Thing To Do Rank 1

The Brigerbad Thermal Pool

Situated in the center of many famous holiday places, the Brigerbad Thermal Pool and Spa is enticing as it is. Adventurers and tourists who have been in Switzerland have recommended it as one of the most exciting part of their stay. It is an open-air thermal pool, by the way! The place is accessible by land from Visp and Brig. It is the place to stay for relaxation. It has a very long slide of 182 meters. It offers so much of an experience as it caters to all individuals. Their massage ranges from sport-type which athletes find very relaxing, to sound massages with Tibetan singing bowls.

The resort accommodates different sizes of pools ranging from kids to adults.  Some are hot and some are cold.  Four of these pools are large with jets and are spa pools wherein the temperature could be hot as 34-37 degrees centigrade but relaxing. It also has a grotto swimming pool where one can swim and splash all day.

There are other activities that could also be done during summer. And Brig Belalp Tourism gives you best service and guide you may ever need in Switzerland. They give you the option to choose what kind of vacation you may want. Aside from this, they are to advise you on the different activities which are truly worth experiencing.

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