Enjoying Interesting Places and Activities in Geneva

As one of the most populous cities in Switzerland, Geneva is endowed with many activities that one can take part in. With its magnificent location and diverse culture, it is one of the most visited cities. It is a good place to visit especially during the time of carnival festivities in Switzerland and Geneva. This means that you can enjoy the carnival in Geneva and take part in other activities that the city has to offer.

There are also many interesting places to visit in the city, which can leave you with great memories. Some of these places are the great beaches and Lake Geneva, experiencing the great views of the city by going to the mountains or up the tower of St. Peters square. You can also dive into the rich history of Geneva by visiting the old town and museums.

Carnivals in Switzerland

Carnivals in Geneva take place during the Lent period in Switzerland in different cities. During this period, people get into celebratory mood with songs and dancing.  There is beating of drums and wearing of costumes, masks and glitter. Processions with bands take place on the streets in additions to concerts.

The carnivals signify the feasts and partying before the period of Lent begins for those who are Catholics. Lent is a time of fasting before Easter, which takes 40 days. It is symbolizes the time when Jesus was in the wilderness. Those taking part in the carnivals in Geneva want to have fun and to enjoy themselves before they begin to fast.

You can take part in the carnivals if you are in Geneva by going to the cities where they are.


Recreation sports in Geneva


While you are in Geneva during the time of carnivals, you can also take part in other activities. With Lake Geneva nearby and the Alps, there are many activities in recreation and sports. Some of these are swimming in the vast waters, skiing on the many ski resorts and destinations, which make Geneva the greatest hub for skiing.

The rivers in Geneva pose a good opportunity for rafting and kayaking. You can also go boat cruising in the lake while you take time off from experiencing the joy of carnivals. There is a lot to do when in Geneva during the time of carnivals. Make sure that you have a good plan for your activities so that you can give each activity time.


Visit St. Peters Cathedral in Geneva

With the rich history and magnificent sights, there are many places you should visit in Geneva while you are not taking part in the carnivals. Some of the most exciting places are the Mont Saleve and St. Peters cathedral, which has great view of the city, the museums that have a lot of information on Geneva history and the towns parks which are a great place for relaxing, among others. Visiting these places will give you additional experience of Geneva, besides taking part in the carnivals.


The jet d’Eau or the water jet and the reformation wall

 The jet d’Eau or the water jet is one of the magnificent attractions site. It consists of a water jet, which shoots for up to 140 meters up. The jet was made by chance and it is one of the Geneva’s attraction sites.

Since carnivals in Geneva festivities are religion based, you should also not miss to visit the reformation wall that has the statues of the Europe’s protestant reformers. The wall has the been engraved the maxim ‘light after darkness’ which is the motto of the reformation movement.

Visiting the old town and Mount Saleve

This is a town, which has experienced the passage of time, and it is still standing. The highest point in the town is at the St. Peters cathedral that has a lot of history. Climbing the 157 steps of the cathedral can give you an excellent view of the city and Lake Geneva.

Get close to nature after a busy day at the carnival. You can get the excitement of getting into the mountain by the use of a cable car. The mountain has good environment for relaxing and experiencing great views of Lake Geneva and the surroundings. You may also decide to climb the mountain.

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