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Spend your Christmas Holiday in Geneva

Winter in Switzerland can be a very enjoyable moment for you and especially if you love the outdoors. It becomes even colder owing to its strategic location near the high points of the Alps. Mostly, the cold months set in when it is the festive season.

There are many winter activities to engage in Switzerland. There are varied fun activities to make your Christmas holidays in Geneva extremely memorable. This town square opens doors for you to sample the rest of the country most popular tourist destinations. It is the only place where winter is welcomed graciously.


There is an array of things to do and events to attend. You will not feel as if you are in a foreign land as the country has charming and hospitable people who would not mind to lend some company to a stranger if their busy schedules allow. Everybody during this season is filled with a celebratory mood. Others take to the glacier grounds and turn them to work out joints. In addition, there are also indoor winter activities if you really dread being out in the snow. These are parties that gather a lot of people and in unison they fight the harsh effects of this cold month.

Enjoy a Christmas walk


Everyone loves Christmas holidays in Geneva. It is celebrated with enthusiasm. Celebrate it the Geneva way by being a part of a traditional walk that starts on 6th December at 6 o’clock in the evening. You will get to see Santa Lucia arrive ceremoniously among other attendants in a horse drawn caravan. You can make history by being the first person to touch Santa’s hand this festive season as he offers some Swedish cookies to you and your loved ones. He then proceeds to light the huge tree on Courthouse Lawn. You will not need to pay anything for this favor unless you would want to for appreciation purposes.

Stroll on the Sparkling Ice Lands


Christmas holidays in Geneva are waited upon like the onset of a new moon. Many people flock the highest points in this area to engage in outdoor activities such skating and skiing. The fun is not relegated to the youth and the adults but also the little ones get to roll on the snowy floors of the mountains. One such destination is Patinoire des Bastions, which is located in Geneva. It opens on 12th December and exceeds to late February. Entry is free and for just 2CHF you will hire skates for you and your family to allow you spend enjoyable time from 11am to 7pm.

Shop in the Christmas Market


This place boasts the best festive season market in Switzerland.  Many who come for Christmas holidays in Geneva have taken lovely gifts home to their relatives and friends.  Monteux Noel opens its doors to the numerous shoppers who go into it every year until 24th of December. It has an array of nice gifts, cards, fancy clothes for you and your kids at prices that very reasonable. You might be having a long list of friends you really must not miss getting them a worthy gift. This will be the perfect shopping joint since you will find every item under one roof to save you time and resources.

Make Some Memories for your Children


Your kids have had this story about Santa Lucia; the legendary father of Christmas. They will really be appreciative if you took them to Santa’s House in Andilly. It is a fun place for older children who would not care to wait patiently till the popular Santa’s train to ride up the mountain as they watch the lovely scenery of Montreux mountainous landscape. It is easily accessible from all corners of Geneva by public transport; a 20-minute drive. There will be a lot to see in here; his toy workshop, the immaculately decorated rooms and the beautiful Christmas lighting in the room. The place opens at 11 am and closes at 5.30 pm.

Get into the Christmas Festivals


These are celebrations that run throughout during Christmas Holidays in Geneva till January the next year. They include several music concerts with the musicians singing nice Christmas Carols and streets stunning amazing blinking colorful lights. Go watch the Annual Christmas tree festival where several assorted trees and sculptures have been specifically designed for you to enjoy the glamour that they depict. The streets carry a heavenly look at night with color flashes here and there. You will not pay a dime to look at them. While at it in mid December go to Jardin Anglais and watch 600 swimmers get into the near frozen water to swim their way to Quai General Guisan.

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