How To Enjoy Your Holidays at Bernese Oberland Fully

Planning to go for a vacation is not just enough but the most important aspect of the planning is to ensure that whichever destination you decide upon will be worth your time and money. Well, if you decide to have your vacation at Bernese Oberland, then you will have more than actually what you bargained for.


No amount of money can be compared to the tranquility and the wonderful display of nature that you will find in this Switzerland city. Forget about the noise and the pollution that has become the norm in your current city.


Here you will find a great camouflage of land, air and water come together to offer you a very relaxing and serene environment for your holiday. Not only will you find the Indigo lakes and the Alpine scenery, but you will also be treated to the spectacular view of the three peaks of the Alpine Mountains. In addition, get ready to treat yourself to the best landscapes you have ever set your eyes upon. Apart from the great natural scenery, you will find many activities to pass time while you are on holiday at Bernese Oberland.


Engage in Outdoor activities


A trip to Bernese Oberland will not be complete without getting yourself involved in the numerous outdoor activities that happen in the area. For those who have passion for canoeing, there will the fierce Staubbach waterfall for you to test the levels of your adrenalin or you can as well decide to go trekking along the glacier as you appreciate the ice-cold rivers and rocks of hard ice.

If you feel that you have the guts, then this will be a perfect place to find out. Just try out the canoe jump and have the thrill that comes with it. And did you know that you can reach the rooftop of Europe by using the cogwheel railway leading to Jungfaujoch? It should interest you to know that this is the highest railways station in the whole of Europe.

Explore Lauterbrunnen – World’s deepest U-shaped valley


Lauterbrunnen is the world’s deepest U-shaped valley and in it, you will find an amazing streak of waterfalls. As a matter of fact, there are 72 waterfalls within this valley and the most outstanding one is the Staubbach Falls. This is the only waterfall of its kind in the whole world. While still enjoying your holidays at Bernese Oberland, take time to pay a visit to the Alpine village of Wengen and this will be a well deserved one as you will get refreshed with fresh mountain air, lush meadows, cool pine woods and this particular place will also provide you with great grounds of hiking.

Glacier Village


The Glacier village is only thirty minutes from Interlaken. Upon reaching this village, you will be treated to an attractive Glacier Gorge. Moreover, you will have the chance to interact with the traditional communities and enjoy a number of mountain festivities. While at this elegant glacier village, you will have the opportunity to travel in air from one end to the other using the Grindlewald’s First Flyer. I must warn you though that you will have to be a bit brave in order to face this or you may ruin your time at Bernese Oberland, if you dread high attitudes.

The medieval Oberhofen Castle


On the shores of Lake Thun, you will find the medieval Oberhofen Castle. This castle dates back to the 15 century and in it you will see a great history of the ancient people who occupied this region. Just opposite to it, you will find the Spiez, which is the home to a century old Roman church. Having the opportunity to see such a site will leave permanent memories about that one holiday at Bernese Oberland, which you decided to take.

Wind Surfing at Lake Thun


If you have a heart for surfing, then Lake Thun will provide you with numerous opportunities for sailing as well as windsurfing. While you enjoy your game, you will have a view of the great Alpine Mountains which offer great scenery for nature lovers. Spending a holiday at Bernese Oberland will bring you to the only place where you will find great mountains, magnificent waterfalls, great grounds for adventure and extremely comforting beauty. Besides, it is a very safe place to stay in, with no incidence of insecurity.

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