Planning a Holiday in Geneva? Here Are the Best Things to Do

Switzerland sits on the Alps. It is a multicultural country with great scenery, great cuisine and great people. There is much in terms of indoor and outdoor tourism for you to enjoy with your family. Geneva is a renowned world city and it has been able to achieve this status due to its uniqueness and magnificent features that it normally offers to her visitors.


Thousands of visitors are attracted to Geneva each and every year to have their holidays or just to tour one of the greenest cities in the whole of Europe. This is because Geneva has something for everyone and no matter what your tastes are, Geneva will surely satisfy them.


A holiday should be memorable event in a person’s life and you should be able to get that unique feeling because no two holidays should ever be the same in terms of experience and satisfaction. A vacation in this city will be just that: Unique, exciting and memorable. When you plan to have your holiday in Geneva, there will be a lot of sites waiting for you to tour and so many activities to engage in. It doesn’t matter whether its winter or summer, there will be something perfect for each and every season. Places to visit and things to do in Geneva


Lake Geneva


Lake Geneva offers numerous opportunities for those who love water sports. The kind of leisure activities you will find in Lake Geneva will be so refreshing and it will make you have a feeling of being in a real vacation. Though frequented by the rich and the famous, it’s not their preserve and anyone can go and have as much fun as they want in the lake. There are numerous sporting activities such as Kayaking, windsurfing amongst others. Lake Geneva is also a great place to spend time with your whole your family as children will find something too to get involved in. If you are spending a holiday in Geneva with your partner and you don’t want to take part in any of the activities, then simply take a romantic walk along the shores while holding hands as you feel the love you have for one another.

The Reformation wall


The Reformation wall is one of the ancient tourist attractions in Geneva. It came about in the 17th century as a result of Christians building it to commemorate what was known back then as the reformation. During this period, Protestantism got established as a branch of Christianity. This magnificent wall is over 90 meters long and in it you will find figure of some of the prominent Christians history has ever known such as John Knox, Martin Luther, and Theodore de Beze. A visit to the Reformation wall actually costs nothing so there is no reason for you not to visit while you are taking your holiday in Geneva.

St. Peters Cathedral


A holiday in Geneva will not be complete without a visit to St. Peters Cathedral. Many people have in the recent past referred to the St. Peters Cathedral as an architectural history book. This reference is because there are different elements found in this cathedral that are from different centuries in the past. For instance, you will find mosaics made in the 4th century, while its columns alone display architecture that dates back to 14th and 15th century. Art lovers particularly will find this cathedral and amazing site to tour due to its mixture of gothic and Roman styles. For historians, you will remember that John Calvin preached in this cathedral about reformation in the 16th century. This is a great piece of history that you pay a visit to while you are in Geneva.

English Gardens


Many people who come for holiday in Geneva like to be at a place with no stress at all and where peace and tranquility reigns, and they find the English Gardens the best for this. The garden is located just a short distance from the old town and there is no need for any special transportation. You can just walk and enjoy the green lovely park with the views of Lake Geneva and the fountain at the background. It is in this garden where you will find the famous flower clock which is made up of over 6,000 flowers. This great piece of clock appreciates the fact that Switzerland is the home of clock making industries and designs in the world.

Mount Saleve


This is another great piece of tourist attraction that you should never miss while you are on holiday in Geneva. The mountain is only five kilometers and access is by cab cars. Once at the mountain, you will have a breathtaking view of the great Alps to the west and the Jura mountains to the east. If you want more adventure, you can decide to have a bird’s view of Geneva City from a café at the top of the mountain, or you can find your way down along the criss-crossing trails and find your own heaven within the vast mountain. When you take a holiday in Geneva, it will be different from any other you have ever taken in any other place. The city is simply magnificent with great geography, rich history and a fusion of different cultures. Make Geneva to be your next holiday destination and you will have an experience of a lifetime.

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