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There are so many impressions that a traveler gets when they go to Geneva, that when they leave, they realize that it is a city that is hard to describe in just a few sentences. That is because people are so awed when they get to Geneva on a city break that they just can’t remember what strikes them so much about this international destination that has such an exceptional reputation.

The History of the City of Geneva in a Nutshell

In order to understand the city of Geneva, you first have to start with its history, which dates back to 121 BC, when the Roman Empire first ruled it. Then in the Middle Ages, while the city of Geneva was still ruled by the Roman Empire, it succumbed to Calvinism and Protestants until 1541. Geneva, with a sort of class war on their hands and many sects of people to deal with, found that they had to come to some sort of resolutions to deal with the many sects of people that lived there. After much deliberation, Geneva decided to keep their diverse heritage, which included the influences of France and Italy, and join the Swiss Confederation in 1907 to become the modern city they are today.

Geneva’s Culture Defines the Word Eclectic

Much of Geneva’s culture has so much to do with the fact that they are so close to France and Italy, and yet firmly ensconced geographically in the Swiss Alps. With people who have ancestral heritage that dates back for centuries, they formed a modern cityscape and a culture that has also evolved around the striking Lake Geneva. This is what makes Geneva both contemporary and stunningly archaic at the same time. Despite the fact that Geneva is a global city and an affluent place to vacation, many people go just to witness how the cityscape of Geneva is so striking against the mountains and lake.

Where Geneva Is Located Makes It A Place Worth Going

Geneva’s location makes it worthy of a city break. That’s because when you travel to the city of Geneva, there is so much more to see besides a city. It’s not so much that the city of Geneva is cosmopolitan, it’s the fact that it is so cosmopolitan around one of the greatest landscapes in the world. On one hand, you have Lake Geneva – and then on the other, you have the Swiss Alps. In between, you have the culture, modern amenities and sophistication of metropolitan life. What more could you ask for?

Old Town Geneva Has Been Well-Preserved

A lot of cities have an historic district named Old Town, but in Geneva’s case, it is really a true and fascinating place to see. Old Town in Geneva dates back to the Roman Empire, even though the arGchitecture you will see is actually just a little bit newer. Many people go to see the Cathédrale St-Pierre, which is the most famous church in Geneva, but just as many other people go on a city break to Old Town for a breakfast of “Zopf” (a rich braided bread) and coffee before they go sightseeing to other places.

Outdoor Activities around the Lake and the Alps

There’s skiing within an hour’s journey of Geneva for the more adventurous, but what’s really convenient about the city of Geneva is that all you have to do is go down to city centre – and Lake Geneva is right there. While many lakes have to be enjoyed from a boat, Lake Geneva can be enjoyed right from city centre. Starting with the famous Jet d’Eau, a fountain which spews water over 140 metres into the air, you can also enjoy the the Bains des Pâquis, a popular beach which is right on the edge of city centre. Further around the lake, there are also wine tours of the Lavaux Terraces, the historic Chillon Castle, the Mont Salève Cable Car, and many more attractions in the area for anyone who gets the yearning to see the other side of paradise.

What’s Finally The Most Interesting Thing about the City of Geneva That Makes It worth Exploring?

It’s a combination of hospitality from some of the finest hotels and resorts in the world, set against a backdrop of snowy-capped mountains – and then set off by a culture that is truly a combination of many peoples, cultures and centuries.

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