Cathedrale de St-Pierre

24 place du Bourg de Four, 1204 Geneva, Switzerland is the address of Cathedrale de St-Pierre. Cathedrale de St-Pierre is one of the most attractive religious sites, and Architectural Buildings in Geneva. Here, visitors can take part in city walk sightseeing and people watching. This cathedral is more than popular. It takes pride in its historic significance. It is the church where the influential John Calvin presented his ever-inspiring sermons in the mid-16th century. He delivered his sermons between the years 1536 to 1564. In the year 1536, the cathedral transformed into a protestant church. The followers of this popular preacher stripped the cathedral of its furniture, paintings, statues and altars. The only things that remained were the ever-stained glass windows. Cathedrale de St-Pierre is ranked position eleven out of forty-eight attractions in Geneva.

There is no doubt that this imposing Romanesque-Gothic church dominates the center of Geneva. It has been occupied since the fourth century.

So what is there to see in Cathedrale de St-Pierre?

Undoubtedly, this cathedral exhibits some sort of confusion in terms of style. The reason for saying this is the fact that it is a Roman church, which brings with it a columned Neoclassical façade. It has two square towers on its east side that do not match. Above everything else, there is a very bright green spire, which rises. However, in the inside, things are much much better.

Its nave enjoys a pleasing mix or Gothic architecture and Romanesque. The choir stalls from the 15th century are normally more than interesting to any visitor. They have some more than fascinating misericords. These ones survived Reformation mainly because they were absent when it was taking place.


Northwest of the choir stalls is the Rohan Chapel. It contains the nineteenth century tomb of the French protestant’s leader Duc Henri de Rohan. He lived between the periods 1579 to 1638. You will be amazed by the panoramic view of the city that is usually available from the north tower of this cathedral.

Address: Cours St-Pierre 6, Geneva, Switzerland

Cost: Free admission to the cathedral. North tower: 3 SF.

Phone: (0)22 311 75 75

Opening Hours: Jun-Sep: Mon-Sat 9:30-6:30, Sun 12-6:30

Oct-May: Mon-Sat 10-5, Sun 12-5

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