The Eglise Russe

The Eglise Russe is located in Geneva. To be precise, it is located in 18 Rue De Beaumont, 1206 Geneva, Switzerland. It enjoys another name, which goes by the name the Russian Church. It was founded in 1866. The Russian Church in Switzerland is topped with lovely golden onion domes. This nineteenth century Russian Orthodox church is also filled with numerous treasures.

Those who wish to contact the attraction destination for a visit can call the number 41-22-346-47-09 and get more details.

Cathédrale de l’Exaltation de la Sainte Croix is the full name of the Russian Church. Part of what you should anticipate to see when you visit this place is its Byzantine Moscovite top that usually has extremely colorful and golden union domes. When you visit the Eglise Russe, you enter through a porch that is styled with striped arches. Its interior features icons that were commonly used in the 16th to 20th centuries. There is no doubt that your senses and eyes will feast on the interiors of this iconic building. You will have to admit that the culture and architecture represented by this building is breathtaking.


The church was a donation by the Russian imperial family.

What is for sure is that you will get a rewarding experience by visiting this historic commemorative site built in the year 1955. Clearly, the architecture here is unique and in an urban setting. Visitors discover fabulous legacy of an era and rites of a Russian Orthodox religion. Learn more about how the Rouyn-Noranda has steadily grown rich and rich through immigrant’s contribution. These immigrants are mainly European.

Inside, there is a twelve-minute video, which introduces women and men that helped in the construction of the city. The video also showcases those who help shape richly the social, economic and cultural life of this place.

The visit schedule of the Russian Church is as follows;

Guided tours at 9am, 10.30am, 1.30am and 3pm. There are group-guided tours. The minimum number of per group is three while the maximum is seven. Averagely, each tour takes one and quarter hours.

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