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Why Geneva is a Traveler’s Gem in Winter

Going for a holiday in Geneva in winter would be most welcome. There is too much for you to do and see and one trip, there will not be enough for you to exhaust everything. However, a piece of advice here is that before you leave, you should have a proper itinerary of things that you wish to do and see in Switzerland.


Know what to start with and what to end with. That way, you will save time and money. A holiday in Geneva is a marvel for indoor as well as outdoor tourism. If you are an outdoors freak, there are so many fun winter sports to take part in. If you love the indoors, there are art galleries, museums, festivals and many more places of interest.


Situated in the French speaking part of Switzerland, just about right where the Rhone River exits Lake Geneva, this is the second most populated city in the republic. It is the capital city of Switzerland as well as the administrative capital. Apart from that, it offers more than an eyeful for holidaymakers. Ranked number three in the list of the most competitive financial centres in the world, Geneva also has a great history, as you will learn in the museums.

Participate in the Fête de L’Escalade or L’Escalade


On your holiday in Geneva, you can take Part in the Fête de L’Escalade or L’Escalade, an old tradition that has survived very many years. This festival is not Christian but at the same time, it is not so unchristian. It simply means the scaling of walls and the people celebrate the failed attack on the city by the Duke of Savoy many years ago. Lore has it that a woman poured boiling soup on the attacking soldiers below. During this time, a procession of people out to have fun carries burning torches and you will love being part of tradition. In Geneva, traditions die-hard and if you can be in the city before 10 December, you will be able to take part.

Go Skiing on Lake Geneva


This is one of the must-do fun activities on your holiday in Geneva. Revellers will never have a dull moment on Lake Geneva, as there are fun activities like snowboarding and skiing for adults as well as children. In most cases, the ticket prices for both children will vary depending o the time stayed on the ski area. For example, for a stay from 10am to 10pm, the charges will be $47 and $38 for adults and children consecutively. People are assured that they will enjoy night time skiing and they can save money as they do it.

Visit the Alimentarium and learn about food


Do not let the name dissuade you from visiting this great exhibition museum of nutrition. It is great for indoor activity in your winter holiday in Geneva. Founded in 1985 By the food giant Nestle, it portrays different parts of the nutrition. It is meant to teach people the entire process of food production, processing, eating and digestion, thus the name Alimentarium. You will also learn some history of the Nestle Company, as well as have a go at many cooking studios in the museum. It is located in Vevey. The cost is CHF 10 per person for a tour of one hour.

Dog Sled riding – on a team of huskies


This is another of the famous activities to do on your holiday in Geneva. In addition to tobogganing, skiing and snowboarding, holidaymakers can enjoy controlling their team of Huskies, or if they like, go for a guide driven team. The tour will start by taking a full round around Lake Geneva. Be sure to bring your camera along because even in winter, this city will have many photo opportunities for you. You will most likely go through Saanenland, a very beautiful area. The cost for this depends on the mileage, but it could start anywhere at $20 or more for a mile. You will not regret it.  On the way, you can dine in one of the finest restaurants on Lake Geneva.

Go to Victoria Hall – Marvelous architecture, catch a concert


This is referred to as the queen of all halls. It is located in 1204 Geneva, Rue du Général- Dufour 14. It is usually open up to 20 December and then they close down up to 7 January. It is one of the smallest Victoria halls going by the standards of Europe, However, even without a concert going on, it is still a marvel. However, don’t worry as there are concerts going down all the time, from classical to contemporary music. Most of the times, the entry fee will be determined by the concert taking place. There are many hotels around the Victoria Hall to make your holiday in Geneva a great one.

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