Place Bourg du Four

Place Bourg du Four is located at the intersection of rue Verdaine / rue Etienne-Dumont, rue des Chaudronniers, Geneva 1204, Switzerland. As a historic town square, Place Bourg du Four is situated at the center of Old Geneva. What is for sure is that the old Geneva town is an incredible place to explore and have some lunch. The atmosphere here is more than captivating. What’s more is that the surroundings here are breathtaking. One of the major activities visitors can take part while on their visit is city walk sightseeing.

Place Bourg du Four is the oldest square in Geneva. Most residents come here to be seen and to see. One of the most amazing attributes about this place are the lovely terraces of the ever-lively cafes that usually have a welcoming and unique ambiance. Since the 9th century, the market here has been of utmost importance. House heights had to be raised over time in order to accommodate/house protestant refugees who came from all over Europe. Missing out a visit to this delightful square would be more than suicidal.

Place Bourg du Four

Feel free to stop for a drink or coffee as you experience the natural and magnificent ambience. Have a sit at the Promenade de la Treille, which boasts of its pretty long wooden bench.

Address: Place Bourg du Four, 1204 Geneva

Location: Town Center – Old Town

Direction: Lines; 3, 36, stop Palais Eynard

Place Bourg du Four is ideal for soaking up the calm and lounging. What you get here is a pleasant and serene atmosphere. Have a time of your life as you have great time with your loved and treasured ones. Your stay in Geneva would be incomplete if you do not spare some time and visit Place Bourg du Four. Just like it was used in the Roman era, this place is a meeting point for people from all walks of life. In addition to this, it is a hub for every commercial activity you can think of.

The hospitality you get from the staff of the pubs and eateries here is out of this world.

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