UNOG – Palais Des Nations

There is no doubt that Palais des Nations the building that hosts UNOG (United Nations Office at Geneva) is an outstanding and unique testimony to the 20th century architecture. This office is the 2nd largest center for the United Nations. The first is the UN Headquarters in New York. Palais des Nations is located in an extremely remarkable and beautiful park at the heart of Geneva. The building overlooks Lake Geneva. Here, you get an incredible view of Mont Blanc and the Alps.

Every year, there is always an opportunity for prospective visitors to visit this awesome piece of architecture. Close to one hundred thousand people have the rare chance to take a tour around and within the building annually. The good thing is that these tours are normally in more than fifteen different languages. They last for approximately one hour. It is important to check with the tours department for other languages other than French and English.

UNOG - Palais Des Nations

There is a huge array of reasons for visiting the Palais des Nations. Actually, there is plenty to be seen here. However, because of the refurbishment going on at the building, the Council chamber and Assembly Hall cannot be accessed currently. It is important to be informed of some of the rooms one can access; the Alliance of Civilizations and Human Rights Room, and the Salle des Pas Perdus. The tour will also lead you to see some of the gifts presented by a number of countries to the UN offices in Geneva. Tour guides will inform visitors of the various activities of the UN. You will get to learn about the huge wealth of history that the Palais des Nations boasts of.

8 – 14 avenue de la Paix 1211 Geneva 10, Geneva, Switzerland is the location of the UNOG – Palais Des Nations. For those intending to make call inquiries, you can use this number, 41 (0)22 917 12 34. The UNOG – Palais Des Nations is currently ranked position ten out of forty-eight attractions in Geneva, Switzerland.

There will be a winter closure from the 23rd of December 2013 to the 5th of January 2014.

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