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Top 10 Things to Do on a Visit to Geneva

Are you ready for your trip to Geneva, Switzerland? There are so many things to do when you get there, and listed below are just a handful of the top sights you might want to visit during your stay in this fascinating city.

1. Lake Geneva

No trip to Geneva would be complete without a stop at this beautiful location. It is one of the prettiest spots to visit, and you will be taking many photos of this scenic lake.

Lake Geneva

Lake Geneva

2. Museum of Natural History

If kids are coming along on this trip, you should pay a visit to the Museum of Natural History. Family members will enjoy the exhibits, including the collection of stuffed fauna, semi-precious stones, and much more.

3. Jet d’Eau

This huge fountain is one of the top landmarks in Geneva. It is located in Lake Geneva’s downtown area and is certainly worth a visit.

4. Bain de Paquis

This lakeside area is a perfect spot to take the youngsters. It contains food stalls, a small pier, changing cabins for those who are interested in swimming, safe zones for children, and a beautiful view. Be warned, though, that the water is cold pretty much all year long.

5. The Old Town

Here you will find cobblestone streets, historic landmarks, boutiques, and cafes. This is a tourist attraction that will be of great interest if you enjoy taking in some of the local history. Make sure to visit the Treille Promenade, where you will find scenic views of the entire area.

6. Saint Peter’s Cathedral

It took more than 400 years to complete this landmark. If you enjoy panoramic views, make it a point to visit the north tower. In the basement, you will find a fascinating Archaeological Museum featuring ancient artifacts that were found beneath the Cathedral.

7. Rousseau Island

Here is a very romantic location that will be a perfect spot to visit if you are traveling with your significant other. The serene island features a bird sanctuary, and you can dine at the restaurant that offers beautiful views of your surroundings.

8. Schtrumpfs Building

This colorful landmark is an architectural wonder. It was designed by three architects who were determined to create one of the most unusual and unique buildings you will ever see.

9. Mount Saleve

This destination is located close to the center of Geneva, with a cable car taking tourists for rides to the peak where they can experience some of the most stunning views of both the Alps and the Jura Mountains. This location is worth a day-trip so that you can take time to walk the trails and dine at the mountaintop cafe.

10. Place Neuve

The popular square is loaded with culture, consisting of the Conservatory of Music, the Rath Museum, the Grand Opera Theatre, Victory Concert Hall, and a number of excellent restaurants.

If Geneva is your destination for your next vacation, you will have many activities to enjoy and places to see, making your trip truly memorable.

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