Romance Abounds For Valentines In Geneva

Valentines In Geneva Is Something Special

imagesIn a recent poll at Gatwick Airport, when air travelers were asked what destination was their top choice for a Valentine’s Day city break, Valentines in Geneva was the number one choice. This caught the interest of poll takers, who thought they would hear the usual cities of Paris, Rome and Venice, but instead heard about a city sometimes only known for watches and banking. Comments that supported Geneva’s number one spot in the ranking for a Valentine’s Day city break focused on what a lovely and romantic city it was and also how enjoyable it was no matter what the weather was like in February. This sentiment rings true, because Switzerland is considered to be a year-round destination for travelers, and the Swiss have taken such pains to make local attractions so adaptable to the weather, that the snow in the winter doesn’t really shut anything down or even keep people inside. That being said, there are many other reasons why Valentines in Geneva is always such a perfect time to go.

The Swiss Heritage Society

download (1)One of the reasons that Valentines in Geneva is so pleasurable is that organizations like the Swiss Heritage society see to it that Swiss landmarks are not only well-preserved, but also continue to function as part of the cityscape. This is why you will see so many historical buildings that are not only beautifully kept, but also still used as commercially functioning space in many Swiss Cities. Where other traditionally romantic European cities have taken historic buildings out of the equation for commercial use, the city of Geneva keeps them open as the bistros, shoppes, and hotels that make Old Town Geneva such a step back in time, and easily one of the most romantic places in Europe.

Authentic And Romantic Bistros In Old Town

5435932473_42da3e441b_zSince you can walk from the city of Geneva to the border of France, or take an hour train to Northern Italy, you can imagine that these two countries have a direct effect on the menu in the small bistros and cafes that populate Geneva’s Old Town. So when you combine the charming old-world architecture with the culinary skills of the native local chefs, you have a romantic dinner that simply can’t be equaled. Imagine strolling through the cobblestone streets of the city that inspired the poetry of Lord Byron, and then dining in an intimate French café, and you will begin to understand how romantic Valentines in Geneva can be.

Boutique Hotels Inspire Love For Valentines in Geneva

download (2)Boutique hotels in the city of Geneva are usually historic, intimate and plush. They are also centrally located, but more than that, they lend themselves immediately to romance. Boutique hotels in Geneva are individually stylized with art and other unique furnishings, and may even have a hip restaurant with a local chef’s menu, or trendy little bar off the lobby. The really great thing about Valentines in Geneva is that these boutique hotels are also right near Lake Léman, the Rhone River and of course, local skiing if you are so inclined. Lake cruises with indoor dining go all year round, and although a leisurely walk along the Rhone may be chilly, it is still nice if you stop in at a charming café for something warm to drink.

Valentines In Geneva Means The Finest Chocolates And Wines

chocolatesValentines in Geneva means indulging in some of the best chocolate in the world. Geneva is a culinary city where you can special-order chocolates from fifth generation chocolatiers or even make them yourself – alongside your sweetie – if you take a chocolate factory tour. Choose from all kinds of hand-made truffles, pralines, bonbons, fondues, as well as chocolate-covered treats at the many local chocolate shops. Geneva is also near the Lavaux wine region, so some of the finest local Swiss wines are available for when you are relaxing, or to accompany an intimate evening dinner. Remember, many of these wines are not exported, so you can only get them when you go to Lake Geneva.

Get In The Mood For Love and Valentines In Geneva At A Top Rated Spa

downloadThere is nothing more relaxing than a fully rejuvenating treatment in one of the many top-rated spas in Geneva. Put yourself in the mood for love with a full body massage, a skin polishing treatment, or some of the other world-renowned wellness treatments that will make you look and feel your best. Half-day spa packages will take all of your worries away so that you can focus on that special someone in one of the most romantic and enjoyable cities in Europe.