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Grindelwald Is A Ski Resort For All Levels

Grindelwald Ski Resort

Grindelwald, which has long been billed as a popular ski resort and also a place to holiday in Switzerland year-round, is located about a half an hour from Interlaken in the Bernese Alps. From this vantage point, you are even closer to the world-famous trio of Swiss mountains: the Eiger, the Monch, and the Jungfrau (with the Eiger as the most accessible for extremely advanced skiers.) For most people, however, there are two main skiing areas that provide challenging pistes (ski runs) for all levels, and Grindelwald is extremely convenient to both.

From the Grund train station in Grindelwald, you can catch the gondolas to the Männlichen Mountain ski area – and then from the Grindelwald station you can ride the gondola to the First Mountain ski runs. Since Grindelwald itself is set up for skiing holidays in Switzerland, you will find highly-rated accommodations, seasoned ski instructors, and hundreds of well-maintained pistes to thoroughly enjoy your ski holiday in Switzerland. However, in a country that has so many first-class ski resorts to choose from, why go to Grindelwald?

The Reviews Are In

Männlichen Mountain in Grindelwald

Impressions of a holiday in Switzerland may vary, but not everyone who goes to holiday in Switzerland skis. In fact, if you read the reviews posted on many travel websites, the comments for Grindelwald are for the summer months, and they are all about the views from the First Mountain or Männlichen Mountain, once you get off the gondola lift. At top of the gondola lift on First Mountain, there is a restaurant and lookout area where people just can’t stop talking about how they will remember this view for the rest of their lives. That kind of commentary is not without merit; because apparently, this experience was vivid enough that person after person actually sat down and posted the same review on other websites – that the view from either First Mountain or Männlichen Mountain is one of the most spectacular views they have seen on their holiday in Switzerland – and also in their other travels.

Hollywood and Grindelwald

Grindelwald mountain view

Grindelwald and its mountains have since been used in “Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith” and “The Golden Compass” (Nicole Kidman). Grindelwald has also served as a location in the American television series “The Amazing Race” and in the popular American video game “Gran Turismo 2”. Also, a Clint Eastwood film, “The Eiger Sanction”, is an action thriller that was shot in Grindelwald and revolves around an international mountain climbing team that plans to use scaling the Eiger as a cover for illegal activity.

Grindelwald and Documentaries

small lake in Grindelwald

As you can see, Grindelwald as a holiday in Switzerland is so much more than skiing or even dining at a mountaintop restaurant. It is a view of the planet earth that is monumental in its own right, and one you won’t soon forget. If you would like to see a documentary filmmaker’s perspective of Grindelwald, then you should check out “The Alps” by John Harlin III. This 2007 American documentary explores the lives of the mountain climbers who attempt to climb the north face of the Eiger and what they go through in order to do so.

There is quite a lot to see and do in Grindelwald, and while it is a well-polished and well-known ski resort, there is so much more going on here than just your typical holiday in Switzerland. So whether you are a movie buff, a photographer, an amateur film maker, or just your average tourist, you will find something magical in Grindelwald on your next holiday in Switzerland.

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