5 Things to See and Do for Your Holiday in Lausanne

Lausanne is a very sweet city right in the middle of Switzerland. From the top of the three hills, down to the slopes covered by vineyard and up to the shores of Lake Geneva; Lausanne is the perfect place to have a holiday if you want a region with lots of peace and tranquility. This medieval city is almost car free and its streets are decorated with beautiful boutiques and shops.


While you are on one side of Lausanne, you will see the slopes of Savoy Alps rising so impressively on the opposite side. Lausanne will not just impress you with the great landscapes but it’s a home of ancient architecture too. The Cathedral for instance is a wonderful expression of the Gothic Architecture and around it; you will find several pretty shops where you can go spend your cash as you buy items and gifts to commemorate your holiday at Lausanne.


Because this town is located right on the shores of Lake Geneva, one can have a lot of fun in the holidays, whether in summer or winter. You can go for cruises in summer and go for snowboarding in winter. In the city, there are many restaurants where you can dine and drink.


When looking for the best in the market, you can visit several places as you enjoy your holiday at Lausanne. Did you know that this city has been the headquarters of the Olympic International Committee since 1904? Also based in Lausanne is the world’s largest Olympic museum with  information dating back to 1896 when the first summer games were held up to the most current Olympic games. For sports lovers, a holiday at Lausanne will not be complete without a visit to the Olympic Museum where you will need at least two days to fully explore the museum. You will find this museum to be very educative since it will have all the information about all the Olympics games ever held in the world.

Art galleries


For lovers of art, there will be plenty to see. There are a number of museums with so many pieces of ancient artifacts that will find to be quite intriguing. You will have a chance to feel the musical performances and theatre productions which are way above the average performances you are used to. Your holiday in Lausanne won’t be complete without taking time to find out what’s in store in museums like the photo museum, the pipe museum and many other museums that will be worth paying a visit to.

Water Activities


Lausanne happens to have access to the largest lake in Europe, Lake Geneva. There are number of water activities you can do while at the lake. Whether it’s sailing, skiing, fishing, wakeboarding or even wind surfing, you will have plenty of it at Lake Geneva. Even though summer is a bit short in Switzerland, you will still have a wonderful time at Lake Geneva as well as the district of Ouchy. Well, if you are wondering if the lake ever gets crowded, then let me dispel your worries. The lake is very long running up to a distance of over 17km and there will always be space for everyone who cares to visit. If you happen to be on holiday at Lausanne, then you will find that it’s more pleasurable to spend summer at the shores of Lake Geneva than spend it in the Mediterranean or even anywhere else.

Foods in Lausanne


How about foods in Lausanne? Tasting different cuisines is normally part of every holiday and even as you have your holiday in Lausanne, you will be eager to taste what will be available. Lausanne has some of the finest restaurants and cafes in the whole of Europe. All different cuisines from almost all parts of the world are represented and you will actually be spoilt for choice since there will too much to chose from.  Whether you want to try the traditional dishes or you want something continental or exotic, the restaurants of Lausanne will provide it for you.

Classical music


You will be utterly amazed at all that Lausanne will have to offer you. A holiday in Lausanne will make you walk on the same grounds that some of the worlds famous walked on. Did you know that Charlie Chaplin lived and won many awards here at Lausanne? And do you know that Nabokov wrote the famous “Lolita” while actually living in Lausanne? These are just but a few of the great and the famous people who fell in love with this beautiful city, not to mention that some of the world’s richest and famous like Michael Schumacher and Julie Taylor actually own homes in this place.


If you are thinking that probably moving around to enjoy all these places while you are on holiday in Lausanne would cost you a fortune, then I have some good news for you. The city is not very expansive and it’s possible to make it to most of the places by foot. Besides, you can use the Lausanne card which is very cheap to get and once you have it, you will be allowed to travel everywhere within the city using the metro buses or trains for free for a maximum of two days. Welcome for holiday in Lausanne and enjoy all its pleasant sceneries.

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