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Located in the Lake Geneva Region, it is spectacularly amazing how this capital of the Canton of Vaud combines its function as a busy commercial town with that of it being a holiday resort; in a seamless almost effortless manner. When on Holiday in Lausanne, it is easy to get lost in the beauty and splendor of the surroundings. It sort of feels like being in a paradise resort with much peace and quiet resulting from the ban on cars within the town, or largely so, at least.

Built upon three hills and surrounded by slopes awash with vineyards, it is easy to see why the International Olympic Committee chose this pleasant town for their capital; being based here for decades on end; since 1914. Lausanne sure is a cultural and sports town with the Lausanne Marathon and the Athletissima being key international annual events taking place here.

The architecture of the land also depicts the rich culture and heritage of the town, which has been kicking for a really long time. While on Holiday in Lausanne, there is a lot to see and do within the town and its surroundings; from sightseeing to sporting on the hills surrounding the tranquil town.

Musee de l’Art Brut


Nothing says controversially contemporary like the Musee de l’Art Brut does. This is in no way your ordinary museum of art and paintings; it features works of art by a segment of society considered mentally disturbed – the psychiatric patients and prisoners. I guess it is true what they say that there is an artist in every one of us; you just need the time and patience to bring out your artistic side. The works of art in this museum are a tad disturbing though, as they are paintings on canvas made by rapists and child molesters as well as serial killers and the likes; and their art depicts just that. Not exactly the best part of Holidaying in Lausanne; but it is worth a look.

La Palud and Riponne


Wednesday and Saturday mornings are a delight in the streets around the Place de la Palud when the town comes alive with the fruits and vegetable market; and on every first Friday of the month, craftsmen display their prowess through their exhibits. Behind the Fountain of Justice, within the town, there is a wall behind which mechanical figures show up every hour to remind those present of the rich deep history of the land and its people.  It is here, at the Place de la Palud, that guided tours round the town of Lausanne normally start; as it is pretty much the central point.

The Gothic Architecture Cathedral


Within Lausanne, the old town sits upon a rock towering above the rest of the city and right in the middle is the great Cathedral. This is quite possibly the oldest buildings in the area; still standing; and is pure eye-candy for architecture connoisseurs, art enthusiasts and just the average guy with an eye for beauty. They say old is gold; and if this Cathedral is not a testament of just that; then I have no idea what is.

In fact, Lausanne’s cathedral has the last watchman in Europe as there is a watch a top the tower who looks out for fires and shouts out the hours between 10p.m and 2a.m.

The Sauvabelin Tower


If you thought the Cathedral was impressive, the Sauvabelin tower will simply overwhelm you. It is not an ancient architectural wonder; no; in fact, it is quite young a building having been put up in 2003. It is however, an architectural wonder nonetheless; owing to its massive structure built completely in wood. The building is not only popularly frequented by those who revel in architecture, but everybody considers this a must visit while Holidaying in Lausanne. This is because the tower gives an impressive panoramic view of Lausanne and the lake around it; as well as the vineyard-washed hill slopes.

Annual Events and Festivals


Being such a key tourism town, Lausanne has several annual events that attract plenty of visitors and locals alike.

  • Prix de Lausanne – this January event is an international ballet competition that attracts plenty of young talents annually.
  • Fete de Lausanne – the locals’ sure love their culture and what they love even more is flaunting this heritage in front of visitors on Holiday in Lausanne. This annual June town fete is a spirited event.
  • Festival de la Cite – this Old Town festival is all the rage in July; clearly evident from the activity on the side streets.
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