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Canton of Valais, Saas

Lying in the Canton of Valais, Saas –Fee is the main village in the Saatsal region of Switzerland and it is prominently located near the glacier tops of the Dom and Allainhorn mountains. A Holiday in Saas-Fee is just the holiday everyone should venture to take before their end of time. It is intriguing, relaxing and quite the bright eye-opener into the hidden treasures of Mother Nature.

Holidaymakers and the area locals alike, call this place the Die Perle der Alpen – The Pearl of the Alps and it is no wonder why; once you set foot here or even lay your hands on a couple of Saas-Fee photographs. The lay of the land looks as if God himself kissed the mountains and the glaciers with His very own lips; breathing life and freshness into the panorama.

Die Perle der Alpen

Since 1951, cars have been banned from the city and as the law states, 40% of the houses have to be wooden. All this is in a bid to maintain the natural look of the area; which is what draws visitors here. Surrounded by 13 thoudsanders, this is quite the spectacle to feast our eyes on; and there is a lot to see and do while here.

Sporting Activities in Saas-Fee

Sporting Activities in Saas-Fee

Lying amid several glaciers, Saas-Fee has several exciting sporting activities that pros and amateurs alike can take part in. There is of course, the popular skiing and carving, then there is also snowshoe trekking for something different as well as paragliding, hang gliding, tobogganing and snowboarding. Some of the common sporting peaks for those on Holiday in Saas-Fee are Nadelhorn, Weissmies and Lenzspitze and there is approximately a 150km stretch of pitses at your disposal. Holidaymakers do enjoy these sporting activities as more often than not, it is something different and exotic to what many have back at home.

Climbing in Saas-Fee

Climbing in Saas-Fee

Saas-Fee has a stretch of glacier that just beckons one to climb it. Ice climbing aside, canyon climbing is also pretty common in the area and a fun way to make friends with fellow holidaymakers on Holiday in Saas-Fee. The activity is so famed in the area that there is the Ice Climbing World Cup held here annually in January; but let this not fool you into thinking that it is only a sport for the pros in the area or those here for training; anyone can try their luck in ice or canyon climbing in Saas-Fee.

World’s Highest Revolving Restaurant

World’s Highest Revolving Restaurant

Yes, Saas- Fee has the highest revolving restaurant in the world at a height of approximately 3500m above sea level. Accessible from Saas-Fee town by the Felskinn cable car, the restaurant lies majestically on the glacier of Mittelallain. For those on Holiday in Saas-Fee, this is a definite must-do while in the area. Even those afraid of heights have managed to push themselves enough to enjoy the view from this world wonder. You get to dine is style and class all the while enjoying the panoramic view from the highest peak in the Swiss region.

Metro Alpin in Saas-Fee

Metro Alpin in Saas-Fee

Of course, the world’s highest revolving restaurant is accessed by the world’s highest Subterranean Funicular at 3456m above sea level; yes, and it is underground. In fact, while in the Metro Alpin, it is easy to confuse the cave walls for the glacier on ground as you speed at an incredible speed past large deposits of underground ice. Both scary and exciting, board this train while on Holiday in Saas-Fee and get to whiz past the glaciers of the Dom, Alphubel and Allainhorn in just a matter of minutes. Then reward yourself with a meal at the highest revolving restaurant in the world.

Ice Pavilion in Saas-Fee

Ice Pavilion Saas-Fee

Welcome to the world’s largest ice grotto pavilion: the ice grotto of Mittelallain. It seems that Saas-Fee sure takes the day for having so many records. Constituting over 5500m3 of ice in volume, the grotto is in itself a wonder that attracts many to the Saas-Fee region. It lies at the Mittelallain stop of the Metro Alpin and is a definite venture while Holidaying in Saas-Fee. There may not be a lot to see in ice stretches, but the experience is one that lives with you for years to come; which is probably why so many visitors have just got to set foot in this grotto before leaving the area.

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