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5 tips for planning your winter holidays to Switzerland

Switzerland is a landlocked country that boarders Italy, france, Germany, Austria and Liechtenstein. Due to its position, Switzerland is an ideal country to visit if you want to explore Western Europe. If you are planning on visiting the country, the great time to do so is during winter.

This is because during this time, the country shines with its striking snow-covered scenery thus making the country almost irresistible. The country usually also has a huge traffic of tourists who visit the country to admire its beauty. Due to the many tourists, you will have fun interacting with different people from different nationalities. You will also greatly enjoy engaging in the many winter games available in Switzerland. In addition to this, during winter, there are a wide variety of tourist attraction sites that are open. Some of the sites that are most often open during winter include zoos and museums. By visiting these sites, you will be able to learn a lot about the culture of the Swiss.

Although, you are supposed to relax during winter, if you have the inclination, there are plenty of things that you can do during the season in order to fight boredom.

Isn’t it time to go snowboarding?


If snowboarding is your thing, there are plenty of resorts that offer the services. A well known resort is heavenly ski resort. The resort overlooks the sapphire-blue waters of Lake Tahoe which gives the resort a splendid look. Due to its location, the resort has many choices for any snowboarding enthusiast. Some of the choices include: a variety of snowboarding terrain, more hidden glades, and many ripping groomers. The resort is open seven days a week (8-5PM). The resort provides a wide range of snowboarding passes such as epic, epic local, Tahoe Local, and Tahoe value pass. The charges of these passes range from $219-$379 for children and $329-$729 for adults. If you are interested in the location of heavenly ski resort, you can find it here.

What about winter walks?

What about winter walks

Whether you are looking for a single memorable afternoon stroll or a series of high mountain adventures, you can find it all in Switzerland. There are plenty of places you can go for a winter walk while on your holiday. One of the excellent places to visit is Zermatt resort. The resort provides you with an opportunity to walk through beautiful forests, mid-alpine rambles, and ancient villages. The resort is open from Mon to Fri (8AM- 5PM) and charges $330 per night. If interested, here is the location of the resort.

Isn’t Skating fun

isn't skiting fun

There are many rural and urban routes that you can use to skate. Examples of the skating routes are country skate route and Erlen skate.

The country skate is between Frauenfeld and Turbenthal and covers a distance of 35 kilometers. The route is characterized by serenity since you will be skating in the rural areas.

The Erlen skate route takes you from Badischer to Erlen. Here you will cover a distance of 12 kilometers. The route is characterized by stream courses and a zoo that specializes in domestic animals.

Canoeing must be much better


Switzerland has fantastic water bodies and you can have a feel of them by engaging in canoeing. There are a number of regional routes that you can use. Some of them include: Ticino Canoa, and Bodensee Kanu route.

The Ticino Canoa route is a 8 km route where you need to canoe from Cresciano to arbedo.  This route is characterized by palm trees, sandy beaches, cappuccino, mountains and plenty of sunshine.

The Bodensee Kanu route is the route between Kreuzlingen and Stein am Rhein. The distance covered is 26 km. Here you will come across brooding fortresses, large surfaces of water, bright castles and large flocks of birds.

You shouldn’t leave this land before going skiing


There are plenty of resorts where you can go skiing. Some of the famous ones are Grindelwald and Gstaad palace


It’s located in Interlaken and has 125 acres of terrain where you can go skiing. The resort is ideal for intermediate skiers and snowboarders although it has little terrain for beginners and advanced skiers. The resort is open all week through (8AM-5PM). You can find the location of the resort here.

Gstaad palace

Located in Gstaad, the resort is strategically located next to Ablandschen Mountain where you can go skiing. The resort provides a peaceful environment where you can go about your business with minimal disturbance. The resort is open seven days a week (8AM-5PM). If you are interested, here is the location of the resort.

In both resorts, ski housing fees vary from one season to another. Also, the fees vary during the days of the week with weekends being more expensive than weekdays. Despite the price fluctuations, if you are to planning on eating out, you should be ready part with not less than £2 for a soft drink, £25 for dinner and £4 for a pin

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