Top 5 Destinations for Skiers and Snowboarders in Switzerland for 2014

Skiing is one of the best all time physical activities. It not only boosts one’s cardiovascular health, it gives the skier the exhilarating feeling of racing down the slopes with the wind. But before you even think of tying those ski laces onto your feet, assess your skills, or insufficiency thereof, in skiing to avoid any untoward incidents up in the mountains or hills.


General Criteria for Resorts

Having done the proper assessment, consider the destinations that are most suitable for skiers. Remember that for a ski resort to be considered for patronage, there should be certain standards which be complied with. Although each skier’s preference is, of course, subjective, ski resorts are classified by general criteria:

  • Maximum vertically-sloped areas.
  • Highest skiing area.
  • Largest skiing area.
  • Best skiing area for advanced level skiers or experts.
  • Best skiing area for beginners.
  • Best skiing areas for intermediate skiers.
  • Best gently-sloped skiing areas.
  • Best snowboarding areas.


The Top 5 Resorts

1 – Engelberg

High altitude at 3,020m, this resort located in the centre of Switzerland just above Lucerne has a ski area which can go up to 3,028m in glacier. Its total pistes have 82km and have a snow sureness rating of 5/5.

2 – Laax

One of Switzerland’s largest skiing resorts, it has a total pistes of 220km, snow sureness at 5/5 and a lift of 3,018m. It has an excellent vertical drop and the surrounding areas offer a good choice of restaurants. It has become a part of the international skiing lifestyle, albeit in languished on the skiing B-list for some time.

3 – Saas Fee

With a total pistes of 100km, a lift of 3,500m and snow sureness rating of 5/5, skiing is almost always continuous here. It is a car-free village with a charming Alpine appeal that has a general skiing area friendly to both skiing beginners and young families, although the terrain is exclusive to skiing experts and high mileage cruising.

4 – Zermatt

The ultimate skiing and snowboarding resort for many, it is surrounded by peaks which are beautifully glacier-clad, its sky dominated the majestic Matterhorn, considered to be one of only a few distinctive mountains on the planet. Zermatt’s terrain offers north face powder runs and cruisers which seem to never end.

5 – Mürren

Car-free with only 33 miles of skiing slopes, this is considered one of the top skiing and snowboarding destinations because it is, by far and large, undiscovered by the world’s freeride scene. Low-key locals intermingle with tourists who go schussing down the pistes. There is the 007-Schilthorn, a cable car which featured prominently in the 1969 James Bond film “On Her Majesty’s Service.” that goes to the mountain top. Beginners can hire guides and ski from Rote Härd to Gimmelwald.

Considerations to Make Before Skiing or Snowboarding

You might be ecstatic at the thought of spending time at the slopes either skiing or snowboarding, but do remember that both skiing and snowboarding are highly intense physical activities which may involve injury resulting from accidents. This thought alone should make you consider getting a winter sports travel insurance policy before embarking on your skiing or snowboarding expedition. One of the main reasons why people do not usually take out a winter sports insurance policy is because they already have their annual travel insurance and some even have the cover included with their bank accounts.


However, standard insurance policies may not include cover of winter sports and if you are a skiing, snowboarding or winter sport enthusiast, that could be unnerving, to say the least. Check if skiing is covered by the type of insurance you have and do not be complacent about it. If your existing policy does not cover protection against the hazards and risks of winter sports, consider getting winter sports travel insurance which not only offers you safety when skiing or snowboarding but also protects your personal belongings against loss or theft.

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