Why Plan for Vacations in Switzerland?

I think very few us know the fact that Switzerland never took part in the two World Wars we had on our planet. It might surprise you but that is the fact that Switzerland chose to remain neutral in these wars. I believe it is because they believe that wars don’t solve problems but aggravate them. I had been in love with Switzerland since my childhood but not because of their act of neutrality, as a matter of fact the Swiss chocolate and Swiss cheese was the reason behind my love from childhood. The taste of Swiss chocolate is second to none and I don’t know what special they put in it but I haven’t tasted any as good as theirs. When I see the white cross of red flag printed as advertisement on a photo canvas, the first thought that comes to my mind is chocolate, then a Swiss knife and afterwards a Swiss watch. It is just amazing how they have developed a brand of Swiss in so many of the product that we use these days.

It is not only the economics, business and innovation that Switzerland is number fourth in the ranking of per capita GDP of above US$ 80,000; in fact the tourism has also contributed a lot in this. Switzerland has temperate climate which varies according to the altitude across the country. It has winters which are cold and snowy, while summers that are cloudy and humid as well. The most famous of Switzerland are its Alps mountain range in South. There are number of lakes in Switzerland that add up to the beauty of hills and mountains, making them favorite tourist attractions. There are many traveler tourists that come to the country specifically for the reason of photography as Switzerland has to offer some amazing views all over the length and breadth of its country.

Places to Visit


There are many art museums in Basel along with an amazing medieval downtown center. There are architectures in Basil that are built by famous architects like Mario Botta and Renzo Piano. It’s a heaven for photographers and I have seen many cheap canvas prints of these amazing architectures sold as souvenir around the world.


With a known history of more than 4000 years of this region, Chur is probably the oldest inhabited region of Switzerland. There are plenty of activities there for the tourists like parks, swimming, hiking and trekking. The plains offer some amazing views and shopping malls.


It is I guess a very well-known city and considered as an international city. The city has many government offices of national and International organizations. Also considered as the arts and culture center of Switzerland, it is the second most populated city of the country. There are some places that are not to be missed in Geneva, which are:

  • Jet d’Eau
  • Cathedral St-Pierre
  • Pont des Bergues
  • Place Neuve
  • Eaux-Vives
  • Carouge


It is quite a small city that is located in central region of Switzerland. The city has some amazing views as it is located between two of the Alpine lakes of ‘Brienzersee’ and ‘Thunersee’. The city is very famous for offering opportunities of outdoor sports.

These were just few of the places that I have mentioned; Switzerland is full of destination like these and offer some amazing opportunity for shopping as well. If you are looking for a destination to travel on holidays, I would greatly recommend you go to Switzerland. The freshness of Swiss chocolate and Swiss cheese are one of few things that will surprise your taste buds.

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