Hotels to visit in Zurich

Zurich is a Switzerland city located on the North central. The city has more than 390,000 inhabitants. The city is the hub of the air traffic, roads and railways. Its railways and airports are among the busiest and largest ones in the country. The city is the financial center of the world and it has the world’s largest banks. The city has temperate climate because of the proximity it has on the North Western edge of the Lake Zurich. Zurich in winter is the coldest time and it come around during January. During the night the temperature can be below the freezing points. Sometime the snow takes time in the winter and the perception and the humidity level are always high. Winter is not the best time that you may choose to visit Zurich. During this time, the daylight hours are too low and the sunshine is available only in two hours. The summer means more sunshine and daylights so there are many evening celebrations and parties.
When you visit the city next time, then the following are the best hotels to visit.

Experience The Tranquility Of Widder Hotel

Widder Hotel 1

Widder Hotel is a five star Hotel in the tranquility and the neighborhood of the central Zurich. It has luxurious rooms that are furnished in an historic house that it is well protected. The rooms have WI-FI access, fitness room, Gourmet Swiss Cuisine, elegant restaurants and it is found near Bahnhofstrasse. The facilities available in the hotel include massage, grounds, private parking and 24 hours front desk. The check in is 14:00 while the check-out has to be at 12:00. The adults and the children who are over 6 years have to pay CHF120 per night, per person for the extra beds. Only one extra bed and extra crib is found in a room.

Storchen Zurich – A Home Away From Home

Storchen Zurich

This is the hotel that it is renowned to offer the warm hospitality for more than 650 years. It is found at the Limmat River in the old Town of Zurich. The hotel has a private pier in which you can go for boat riding if you wish to. You can enjoy a panoramic view while enjoying the fine wine and the fabulous meals on the riverside café. Many attractions in the city such as financial district, famous Bahnhofstratse, Zurich-Kloten international airport are in a walking distance. The check-in time is 14:00 or 00:00 while the check-out time is 01:00 and 12:00 hours. The adults with older children pay CHF 75 per night and per person for an extra bed.

Get A Whiff Of Zurich History With Hotel Helmhaus

Hotel Helmhaus

Helmhaus is the historical building since 14th century. It is a quality hotel found near Lake Zurich and Grossmunster. The hotel offers the best designed hotel, Wi-Fi with a Welcome drink. The rooms are air conditioned with soundproof windows. The rooms are made in the hardwood, with modern furniture and flat TV. On the request, the person can be given tea making facilities and bathrobes. The check-in is 15:00 while the check-out is 12:00. The child who is between 13 up to 16 years will be charged CHF50 for the extra bed. But the price of the room depends on the time, the room to book and how many people for a room.

The Dolder Grand – Stay In Style

The Dolder Grand

The hotel is a luxury hotel found near Zurich Zoological Garden, Bahnhofstrasse and Fraumuenster. It is also near Kunsthaus Zurich and Swiss National Museum. The hotel includes many amenities such as outdoor and indoor pools. Other amenities include the full service spa and area shuttle. The LCD televisions do come with digital channel while the rooms have DVD players, climate control and Internet access. The charges on the room are different and they may be based on the room, period and how long to stay in the room. The children who are under 3 years old are not charged.

Hotel Schweizerhof Zurich – A Blend Of Swiss Traditions

Hotel Schweizerhof Zurich
This is the hotel to be if you wish to enjoy typical Swiss tradition and bustling city life. The hotel has 4 different restaurants that you can enjoy according to your taste. The nearby places to visit if you are in this area include Swiss National Museums, Historic Grossmunster Church, Modern Art Masters and Kunsthaus Zurich. The price to pay depends on the check-in and check-out as well as the number of the people who will be using the room. Any extra person is required to pay while the check-in time has to start from 00:00 each day.

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