Tschuggen Bergoase – Arosa Thing To Do Rank 2

This wellness centre, spa and hotel located in Arosa, a peaceful area of Switzerland is truly extraordinary. Tschuggen Bergoase successfully combines lavish luxury with the natural landscape.

A Natural Basin

This specific area in Switzerland is part of a naturally made basin that is bordered by big mountains. You will be mesmerized the work of architecture here that mimics nature, balances nature with modernity while respecting natural surroundings.

You get to see and enjoy some facilities which are really underground, but showcase large, tree-like constructions above as appearing as part of nature.

Tschuggen Bergoase – Arosa Thing To Do Rank 2

You can get to the underground part of the Hotel which is sloped and terraced. This part has huge spaces that receive enough light despite being immersed in the ground. Your eyes will relish the sloping formation of the terrain.

Constructions that are protruding adorn the basin to provide an amazing effect visually while being practical. The technological trees give a great fusion of technology and nature. They connect the building structures with nature, provide lots of natural light and allow great views of the Swiss mountains. At night, you feel the magic-like atmosphere brought about by clever usage of artificial lighting in the area.

The inside has 4 different levels that include; swimming pool, external sauna and solarium all placed on lovely terracing that simply looks like untouched nature. You get to walk through the glass walkway which connects the older resort part with the new. You can still however access the new part from entrance level.

Tschuggen Bergoase Wellness Centre

The Tschuggen Bergoase Wellness Centre is truly a magical concoction of modern architectural innovations and nature. It manages to provide you with the fully functioning luxurious resort amidst pristine natural settings without tainting or harming it at all, but in real terms actually accentuating and adding to its beauty.

It is truly a state of the art facility that is simply gorgeous, some pools at different temperatures and a hot pool with warm jets outdoor. You will get to really relax as you get amazed by the great architecture, get outstanding service and receive amazing massages.

Do not miss the opportunity of visiting Arosa with its exceptional setting. It is an unspoilt natural arena naturally set and enclosed by mountains where mankind constantly meets with nature.

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