St Pierre Cathedral, Genève, Switzerland

5 Things To In Zurich, in the Coming Valentines

Valentines is approaching and you have many plans on how to please that special someone in your life. You are struggling with many thoughts on the best gift for your love. Why not spend your Valentines in Geneva? No gift to your lover can be more memorable than a getaway in Zurich. The country has inexhaustible things to do and places to visit.

Just by strolling through the city, you will enjoy the amazing historic squares, works of art, architectural designs, streets and churches, which adorn the city. Outside this gorgeous city, there are many romantic destinations, which you can visit with your spouse.

Depending on your taste, certainly you will find some place to enjoy a romantic moment with your spouse. You can visit the art museums, enjoy the scenery of Lake Geneva, dine in the high-class hotels or even go shopping in their malls, which burst with decent offers at this time.  This town has been the favorite of many who visit Switzerland.

During the daytime, the town is a beehive of activities with people travelling to various destinations and at night it gets busier, as the residents go to wind up after an eventful day. The beautiful lights that grace the city when the sun gives way to darkness make it more appealing.

Things to Do in Zurich during Valentines Genevae

Tour the Lake Side

Located at the city’s edge is Lake Zurich, which is a popular tourist destination. Walk along the shoreline while holding hands, as you enjoy the lovely sight of the banana-shaped water body. Watch hundreds of swans that flood the lake at this time. Do not leave this site before boarding a boat for two to the deep waters and enjoy the surrounding traditional villages. Just around this water mass sits an amazing village that portrays the rich culture of the Swiss people. The area is not large; hence, you can simply walk around the small old fashioned but rather pretty houses. Buy some of the pieces of art that are sold by the hospitable community.

Spend a Peaceful Moment in Chinagarten

Before leaving the Lakeside, make sure to visit one of the best Chinese gardens around Switzerland. This is a perfect place for spending a tranquil moment with each other. You do not have to be from China to have a great time in this green garden. Give yourself a quiet reflection period as you listen to the melodious sound of the wild birds. Here you can enjoy each other’s company without feeling as if other people are gazing at you. If you are having your Valentines in Geneva, be sure to visit this awesome garden.



Visit the Grossmunster

Your visit in Geneva will not be complete if you do not spare some time for this great Romanesque church. The church dates back to 1220 and stands on the banks of Limat River.  It boasts of twin towers. It will be amazing to compete against each other, as you try to handle the 184 stairs all the way, to the tower. When you reach the top that is if you manage without crumbling with exhaustion, enjoy the scenery of the city. Although, it is difficult, both of you will have fun and it will be hard to forget the moment.

Go Shopping

During Valentines in Geneva, many shops overstock to meet the shopping demands at this time.  No matter what you want to buy, you will certainly find an amazing shop. You will enjoy discount offers on almost all things you purchase in this season. Old Town is the best place to shop around during Valentines in Geneva. Here you will find malls and fashion designers joints. Buy some of the excellent pieces, which have been created by the finest of Zurich fashion icons. Enjoy a lunch meal in one of the wonderful hotels that major in Swiss delicacies.

Get the best diamond jewelry in Bahnofstrasse

Are you planning to propose to your love soon? Make the engagement memorable by buying her a diamond ring in Bahnofstrasse; Fifth Avenue of Switzerland. You will also find elegant watches and other jewels from the magnificently displayed shops. Get the best of Bucherer and Gubelin, who are known for making excellent timepieces and jewels from pure diamond.  Their prices are anything to go by. They always lower them at Valentines.

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