5 Romantic Spots in Geneva to Visit on Valentines

Geneva is a significant city both to the country of Switzerland and to the whole world. It is the home for many international organizations. In addition, several worldwide conventions have been signed in this city. It is also a financial hub, which hosts a number of banks. Besides, being an administrative center, the city is also a popular tourist destination. The city has several green parks, museums, theaters, historic churches and amazing hotels. This town has also attracted many lovers, who come to enjoy romantic moments during the Valentines.

This city presents a perfect spot for lovebirds. To start with, if you love some privacy, a stroll in one of the parks under the shade of the evergreen trees will do you just. Here you can enjoy the company of your lover without any interruptions whatsoever.

  You will also have immense fun as you walk hand in hand along the shoreline. There are plenty of water sport activities, which you can indulge in. A boat ride on Lake Geneva, which freezes during winter, will be a romantic experience. The scenery around this water mass is wonderful and the popular jet which shoots water to a height of 140 meters.

Things to Do in Geneva on Valentines

Go for Outdoor Sports on Mont-Saleve

Just a short time drive from the city is a mountain, which sits next to the lake. When you are at the top of this mountain, one gets to enjoy a nice view of the water body, which lies at its foot.  The mountain has a natural environment. Spend a day here with your lover. There are many activities to engage in such as rock-climbing and mountain biking. If you do not fear the heights, you can go for skiing which a famous sport during winter. This is a perfect place to enjoy the day away from the havoc of the populated town.

Spend a Romantic Moment in the Parks

Geneva is popularly known for its many parks that are located in every corner of the city. Well-maintained green lawns and wonderful trees that give a fresh and peaceful atmosphere characterize them. Although, they are benches at various spots in these beautiful gardens, grass can act as a mat for both of you. You can have a romantic chat with your significant other as you lie flat on the natural carpet.  Parc des Bastions is one of the most famous parks in the city. It is located in Old Town. This park has a wonderful green environment and an array of significant monuments.

Tour the Ancient Carouge

This is a village right in the heart of the city. Carouge is located in Greenwich Village which across Arve River.  The market town was used by the kingdom of Sardinia. Several workshops, food joints and boutiques adorn the streets. You can spend time walking along the roads as you window shop. In addition, you can also buy gifts for your lover from the craft shops and antique dealers. Enjoy the architecture which draws a lot from the Sardinian building designs.

Take a Stroll on Bains des Paquis

Visit Bains des Paquis which is a wonderful beach which is found at the center of the city. It has some of the best resorts in Geneva. You can walk with your love, down the shoreline as you enjoy the lovely scenery of the lake. A moment of sun bathe on the glistening sand will be a memorable experience. If you are good swimmers, you can have a romantic swim in the waters. To end the day, take a sumptuous delicacy in one of the restaurants as you feel the afternoon breeze. From this beach you can view the popular Jet d’Eau, which throws water 140metres into the air.

Rousseau Island

This island is located in the middle of turbulent Rhone River. This is a very romantic destination for Valentines. Here you will see different bird species in the extensive bird sanctuary which stands in the island. There is a restaurant too, which provides delicious meals and excellent room services to the many travelers who come to this place. It is a perfect view point for the surrounding city landscape. You can enjoy the tranquility of this place with your partner; away from the hurdles of urban life.

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