Five Best Romantic Sights to Spend Your Valentines in Geneva

Geneva is an all round town. It is a flourishing business city and administrative location of significance to the Swiss people and the rest of the world. It is a beautiful city with robust of tourist attractions. Throughout the year, numerous travelers come to enjoy the beauty of this important city. However, the number increases alarmingly during the festive season and in particular on Valentines.

The city burst with activities both at daytime and in the night. The city has wonderful architectural designs some of which have historic significance and cobblestone streets. On the outskirts of the town, several attractive destinations exist.

The city of Geneva has more than enough to offer on the most important day for lovers from all over the world. You will be spoilt for choice when you start selecting some romantic spots to visit with your significant other on lovers’ day. To be more specific, you will find beautiful parks, shopping joints, amazing lakeshore experience, nice hotels and resorts.


Although Valentines falls on February when its wintertime, you will still find something to do. Unlike, in other cities, where businesses close down at the onset of winter; it is business as usual in this Swiss city. To ease your search, consider visiting some of the best romantic sights.

Best Romantic Sights in Geneva

Visit the Jet d’Eaux and Rhone River

These two scenic sites have welcomed many tourists over the years. Of particular notice are the people who flock the areas during Valentines. The two are loved because of their uniqueness. Be it a business trip or a vacation, it will not be complete without coming to enjoy these wonders. Bring your spouse with you to view this magical experience by Jet d’Eaux.   The jet shoots about 132 gallons of water per second from Lake Leman in a thrust to a height of 140 meters. It stands where the Rhone River empties into the lake. This is a famous landmark; you can see it from all corners of the city. In addition, stroll along the river shoreline, where you will find riverside cafes for drinks in the afternoons.

 Go Watch the Magical Time Pieces

Switzerland is known for producing magnificent watches. Their prowess cannot be disputed, since it is well manifested in the English Gardens Flower and Malbuisson clocks. The latter is an amazing timepiece that has 16 bells that ring at the peak of every hour to honor the triumph of l’Escalade when they defeated the invasion troops in 1602. It also has 42 processional figures, which are made of pure bronze. Another significant sight to see in the coming Valentines is the English clock, which graciously takes holds the crown of being the largest clock around the globe. It is constructed of above 6000 different species of flowers and plants. Surprisingly, it is very accurate since its construction in 1955.



Make Some Time to Tour the Tower of St.Pierre

At the Old Town, sits a famous cathedral. Have fun with your significant other, as you climb the 157 stairs to the tower. This is may not be everybody’s cup of tea, but the tower is the only place where you can view the various beautiful spots of Geneva. You can take it just like your jog in the morning or a session in the Gym. After the exhausting climb, have a meal for two at La Favola restaurant, which is just around the corner. You can also go shopping in the many shops that line the cobble streets of Old Town.

Place Neuve


A few-minute drive from Old Town, is the Place Neuve, which is a culture-based scenic center. Here you will find the finest of cultural collections from all the regions of Switzerland.  It has attracted many travelers who visit Geneva. The center is the home for Rath Museum, Bastions Park, Conservatory of Music and Grand Theatre. Most of these are always open at any time during the normal hours. Have an evening like no other in the Grand Theater, where romantic operas are played at Valentines.



Enjoy Tranquil Time in the Parks

If you want a secluded and a peaceful site to take your lover, visit Parc de la Grange and Parc des Eaux-Vives. The former has a 18th century mansion and an array of amazing rose gardens. It is a lovely place to spend quality time with somebody special. On the hand, is the Parc des Eaux-Vives, which was constructed in the 16th century, and it presently houses a popular hotel, which operates in the mansion.

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