Top 5 Romantic Geneva Restaurants to Take Your Partner This Valentines

Geneva is one of the most populous cities in Switzerland. It is the administrative and financial center of the country. The city has a global significance for it hosts some of the renowned international organizations. Besides, being a business hub, the city is surrounded by amazing tourist destinations.

Hundreds of tourists visit the city every year. It has also welcomed many couples during Valentines. There are numerous of things to do with your lover while in this important city. From magnificent parks, the expansive Lake Geneva, Old Town to the fine historic architectural designs which adorn the town, certainly you cannot exhaust all that there is in the city.



If you happen to be in Geneva, during the season of love, you will need a romantic place to spend your getaway. There are many hotels in this city. Whether you are looking for an elegant roadside joint to pick a snack or a five star hotel for dinner, rest assured to find one here.  Several cafes line the cobble streets of the famous Old Town. Here you will find plenty of delicious Italian and French cuisines, which are prepared from fresh produce and meats that are cooked to perfection. Although, all hotels and cafes around the city are amazing, here is a list of the most outstanding restaurants for the best romantic experience.

Top Romantic Restaurants in Geneva

Enjoy Dinner at La Favola

This is an Italian owned restaurants based in Old Town. It is near the Cathedral de St.Pierre. The hotel specializes in Italian cuisines such as beef carpaccio, Milanese risotto, Sicilian spaghettini and ravioli among other delicacies. The inner lighting in this restaurant makes it a perfect spot for a dinner for two. Enjoy your meal under the dim lights, after which take down a glass of high quality wine. Before you go for your evening meal or just after, you can walk hand in hand on the lovely streets of this significant town.

Restaurant Hotel du Parc des Eaux-Vives

 Rub shoulders with history, by visiting the Restaurant Hotel du Parc des Eaux-Vives. This is an 18th century mansion, which was changed into a hotel in the 1900. It is just a few minutes’ drive from the city of Geneva. It will interest you to know that the restaurant is located right at the heart of a 16th century nature park and very near to the lake. Therefore, you can have your lunch here after an eventful morning at the lakeside. You will certainly fall in love with the interior design of the mansion as you enjoy the Mediterranean-based dishes.

Spend a night at Le Chat-Botte

 Are you looking for a nice hotel to spend a romantic night? If you are in Geneva, do not search any further. Le Chat-Botte is a real paradise on Earth for lovebirds. They have modern expansive suites that are equipped with a cozy bed, Wi-Fi and wonderful lighting. Their staff provides room service with a professional demeanor. Make your spouse to feel like a queen by booking one of the great suites this Valentines. In addition, qualified chefs, to not only attract your eyes but also evoke sensations on your palette, prepare their meals.

Les Curiades

Approximately 29 minutes from the city, is the gorgeous cottage, which dates back to the 19th century. It is the home for Les Curiades; a French restaurant. The hotel is situated near a vineyard .It comprises of main dining room, a bistro which has a bar and secluded room for parties. It is always busy but even gets busier during Valentines. Their menu consist of carriage cheeses, mouth watering French desserts and assorted wine brands from the surrounding vineyards. You can have the pleasure of having a meal of your choice in this historic cottage.

IL Lago

IL Lago is an Italian restaurant at Four Seasons Hotel Des Burgues. It is interior décor, the sumptuous meals and the hand-picked wines from local vineyards, makes it a perfect spot for lovers.  Comes with your partner and enjoy great pastas, lamb, fish and lamb among other foods.  In addition, sample their wonderful cocktails prior to the evening meal, at Le Bar Des Bergues. After this, book one of their nicely designed lodges. Their staff does not disappoint. You can be assured that there will be someone willing to help, anytime you touch the dial.

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