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While Zurich is the largest city in Switzerland and also the center for all of the country’s transportation systems, that is what makes Zurich such a fast-paced international destination to the frequent traveler. But what really makes Zurich so fascinating is that its people exude a certain quality of life that you can’t find in many city break destinations. However, before you can enjoy Zurich, you have to learn how to get around.

Public Transport Gets You Where You Want to Go

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Believe it or not, enjoying an incredible time in Zurich begins with learning the public transport system. This is because approximately 70% of visitors to Zurich use it, which makes the ZVV one of the highest density urban transit systems worldwide.

That being said, once you arrive in Zurich for your city break, it is best to locate the nearest ZVV information center (Zürich Transport Network) as soon as possible so that you can acclimate to this very busy, but economical and efficient way to get around Zurich. If you get really lost, just remember that ZVV stands for Zürcher Verkehrsverbund. Once you've mastered public transport, you can get anywhere fast in this very cosmopolitan city.

The Limmat River is the Center Of The City

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After you get settled in your accommodations, you’ll want to spend your time in the right way on the Limmat River. It may depend upon the season, but since the river originates from Lake Zurich and pops up right in the middle of town, anything goes on this wide-bodied river bordered on either side by Guild Houses, historic churches and other low-rise historic architecture.

Take one of the many different boats that offer transport for a scenic view of the center of the city, or if you travel in the summertime, you can even take a swim. Of course, you can also walk, bike or drive along the paved streets that run alongside the banks of the river and shop or dine at a charming café. If you want to, just feed the ducks that also frequent the center of the city.

Local Sightseeing Includes a Mix of the Old and the New

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It doesn’t matter where your interests lie when you go on a city break, Zurich has something for everyone. Many attractions are located in Old Town, where there are walking tours and also public transport, which offer every visitor to Zurich ample opportunity to rest and relax at local cafes and shoppes as they enjoy a pleasant day observing the history of what makes Zurich so unique. Meandering through Old Town includes enjoying neighborhood sights like small museums and local churches, along with individually owned art galleries where you can see the work of resident artists.

The Grand Tour of Zurich History Is a Perfect City Break for Photographers

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If you want to hit the main points of Zurich to capture them on film, this is a quick glance of places you need to go. The two historic churches that are the most important to see include the Grossmünster, which is on one side of the Limmat River, and the Fraumünster, which is on the other. There is also the Zurich Opera House, The Zurich Zoo and The Museum of Art. Take your pick, but you will need to plan a few days for your city break to fully explore these world-famous landmarks and Zurich attractions.

Zurich Is Legendary For Its Concerts, Clubs, Sporting Events, and Casinos

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If you are looking for nightlife on your city break, Zurich is the place to go. First of all though, during the day you have to enjoy the different types of food experiences and the eclectic shopping that is available to you in Zurich. Once you have had a catnap in the afternoon, you can get dressed-up and go out on the town. In Zurich, a few historic buildings have been converted into nightclubs that have a guest list; or you might find an out-of-the way hotspot in Old Town. There are major casinos where you can play roulette or blackjack and you may also find a piano bar or jazz club along the Limmat River.

Wherever you wind up, remember that there are also dining establishments that stay open late for dinner after hours. And don’t forget Zurich is also home to world-class concerts and major sporting events. After all, it is the hub of Switzerland.

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