What Will a Holiday in Zurich Offer You? Let’s Find out Here

Having a holiday in Zurich will create a permanent print in your memory due to the magnificent attractions and the pleasant views that Zurich will offer you. Zurich has a number of attractions that can keep anyone entertained for any period of their visit. These include museums, art galleries, fashion labels, different designs, wonderful views of the snow caped Alps Mountains, and you can never forget about the nightlife in Zurich.


For beginners, Zurich is found in the heart of Switzerland just on the northern shores of Lake Zurich. It has been the center of attraction to many tourists due to the fact that it has a variety of multicultural activities and due to this, it has a representation of almost all the cultures in the world. Access to this beautiful European city can never be a hustle. It is fast and quick to reach by a plane, train or by a personal car.


The city is only ten minutes drive from the airport or if you prefer, you can use the train from the main railway station and within no time, you will find yourself in a city full of science, history and art backgrounds. One thing that you can be sure of is that just one trip to Zurich will not be enough. You will want to come back for more.


Shopping Spree in Zurich


While you take your holiday in Zurich, you can pamper yourself with the great products that you can only find in Zurich shops. Also known as the El Dorado of shoppers, Zurich is the home of top international designers, and you will find more than enough taste when it comes to watches, apparels and jewelry. This is not to say that local brands are dead, but you will find lots of local brand items which will be on offer at very affordable prices. Zurich and its people are conscious about fashion and because of this, it has become the hub of many dealers worldwide who come for their products in Zurich. They sell them in other parts of the world.

Art in Zurich


If you love art, then you will have a reason to plan and have your holiday in Zurich. Do you know that in the city alone, there are over 50 museums out of which 14 are devoted purely to arts? For instance, there is the museum of fine arts where you will have a great collection of sculptures, videos, paintings, and very ancient photographs. These museums also stock lots of works created by Alberto Giacometti. Your tour of museums will not be complete without a visit to the Rietberg Museum and the Swiss National Museum. Swiss National Museum is the home to a century old fairy tale castle and it stores everything that relates to the Swiss history. Don’t miss to visit the museums while you are having your holiday in Zurich.

Electrifying Zurich Nightlife


With plenty to see during the day, there is equally too much to experience at night. In Zurich, there is a saying that says that it’s never too late to show up. This is because there are more clubs in Zurich than in any other place in the whole of Switzerland. Whatever time you show up, you will find a party going on somewhere. There are no restrictions as to when partying should stop and if you have the energy, no one will stop you from partying till the dawn breaks. If you happen to be on holiday in Zurich in summer, then the party will not only be in the bars and clubs but there will be open air events where you will get a chance to flirt and dance all night long.

Top events in Zurich


There are a number of events that normally takes place in an annual basis in Zurich and if you happen to take you holiday in Zurich while they are on, then you will be treated to a feat of traditional activities which you will enjoy watching so much. Some of them are as follows-:

  1. Zurich Festival – this normally takes place in the June/July and it is the curtain raiser for the summer. You will be treated to a great display of dance, concerts and drama as performed by the Swiss.
  2. Festival Tropical Caliente – Also happens in June and if you are a lover of samba or salsa or anything Latin, then this will be your show. Be ready to sway your hips to hot samba and salsa tunes.
  3. Zurich Street Parade – The street parade happens in August and its one of the biggest event that normally attracts people from within Switzerland and the neighboring countries.

If you want to have a taste of these and many more events, then make your holiday in Zurich coincide with some of these events and you will have a great moment.

As you can see, a holiday in Zurich will be an experience of lifetime. You will have the chance to try various things from different cultures. Besides, the people of Switzerland are very friendly and they love to interact with visitors from all parts of the world. While planning for your next holidays, make Zurich your top priority and you will have a holiday like no other.

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