Taking Part in Carnival in Zurich and Other Activities

Taking part in carnival in Zurich is one of the greatest experiences one can have while in the city. It is a time when people let go and they decide to have fun. The carnival involves many activities such as dancing and beating drums. The participants also put on attractive costumes and they form processions on the streets. There is also a lot of merry making which includes concerts and performances.

Carnival in Zurich takes place at the period of Lent in the Catholic calendar. It symbolizes the feasting and making merry before the period of fasting begins. Visiting Zurich during that time of the year means that you can also take part in the festivities. You may also take the opportunity and visit the many magnificent attraction sites in Zurich.

You should also take part in the many activities available while in Zurich. As Lent approaches, people of Zurich are usually busy preparing themselves for the carnival that takes place. The carnival symbolizes their letting go of meat and other fatty foods and letting go of the daily activities in order to have fun.

The Zürich carnival

During Lent, people of catholic belief are meant to fast for 40 days and during that time, eating meat is prohibited. It is in preparation of this period that the people of Zurich decide to have fun.

That people take part in many activities while in the carnival such as street shows and parades, good music, performances, the guggen music band also marches on the streets with their good music. The participants also dress up in costumes and masks.

When is the carnival

To get the best experience, make sure that you visit Zurich during the carnival period. This way, you can take part in the carnival and you will have fun with the rest of the Zurich people. For 2014, the carnival will take place from 7 March to 9 March 2014. Many interesting events will take place at the Zurich carnival. It is a time when you should let go and take part in wearing costumes and dancing. This will leave your experienced in Zurich as one of the most memorable and you will relieve the stress that comes with everyday life.


Events to take place at the carnival

  • The Swiss Guggenheim and customs carnival in the marquee
  • The big Guggenheim concert on 8 March, 7.11 pm on the Muenstehof
  • Large Children’s parade on 8 March
  • SteelBarrage on Hirschenplatz
  •  Mardi Gras Jazz Matinee, John Service and the Swinging spirit of New Orleans on 9 March at 11.00 and the entry is free.
  • Big carnival parade on 9 March, at 2.31 pm

To attend some of the events, you may need to buy a ticket while some events are free. The proceeds from the carnival will be used to assist children who are terminally ill.

Other activities to take part in, while in Zurich

You can participate in other activities while in Zürich. This will ensure that you not only enjoy the carnival, but you also take part in other exciting activities. Some of the activities are:

  • Mountain climbing and hiking in Uetliberg mountains.
  • Making good use of Zurich waters by taking part in swimming, skiing, sailing and cruising in Lake Zurich
  • Taking a tour to the Rhine falls.

Taking part in the activities will leave you with many experiences apart from taking part in the Zurich carnival.

Places to visit while in Zurich

The town is endowed with rich history and wonderful sights. It would be a great experience to visit these places in addition to taking part in the carnivals. Some of the places that you should visit are:

  • The museums that shelter the history of the city including its artifacts such as museum Barengasse, Swiss national museum, museum Bellerive and others
  • The old town that is at the centre of the city. While there, you may also visit the Lindenhof which is the roman castles historical site
  • Zurich zoo which has many animals
  • The opera house is a nice place visit for the lovers of musical performances.
  • Ueltliberg Mountain, which has great views

There are many other places, which you can visit as you take a short break from the Zurich carnival.

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