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5 tips for planning a winter holiday in Zurich

As one of the largest cities in Switzerland, you are sure to have a good time at Zurich especially during winter. When you are planning for a winter holiday, you will get lots of snow that is sure to guarantee you have a nice time. You can engage in the snow activities that Switzerland is most famous for but you will realize that there is so much than just snow games in Zurich.

Winter is a very cold time in Zurich so when you are planning on spending your winter holiday there, you best be armed with very warm clothes. The snow makes the city look so magical and you will notice this as you go round the beautiful city and interact with its people. You can plan your holiday on day trips around the city until you get to enjoy it as a whole.

Have fun at Lake Zurich

Lake Zurich

You will enjoy the lake at southeast of Zurich. The lake is free to all so you won’t have specific times and fees that you have to pay. It is an interesting lake that freezes over periods of time and the last time that it froze was in 2012. There are other cities located around it but Zurich is the largest.

You can enjoy the ferry rides around the Lake and if you are up to it, you can take a dive into the icy depths of the water. There are trails that you can take around the lake and you will have a phenomenal view of the Alps from the Lake so it’s a win win situation.

Skate in at the Dolder rink

Dolder Rink

This is one of the best ice rinks you can ever visit at Zurich. Open between the hours of 9 to 10, you will only be required to pay around 8 Sfr to enjoy the facilities. As skating is one of the top activities in Switzerland, you are sure to have a good time at this rink. It is located at Adlisbergstrasse 36 and you can take a tram to the place.

It is also a family place so you will be able to enjoy yourselves with your family. They also rent ice skates at around 7Sfr so if you so you can always rent out.

Go sledging on Guldenen

Do you love sledging? Guldenen is set at the mountain tops and has all the facilities to support your sledging activities. You will however need to take a train to a stop called Scheuren in order to access the place. It is also a great place if you have children though you can go sledging on your own.

The place has little cute kiosks that sell drinks that will help chase away the chill. It is a very good place if you are looking into sledging while in Zurich. It is the best place if you want to experience so much snow.

Enjoy cross country skiing

There are very classic skiing tracks in Zurich that measure up to 8km at Amdem. You will also enjoy a very impressive view of the lake Walen while skiing. The tracks have been made very well ensuring that you will have a really good time.

You will have to go to Dorfstrasse 22 to be able to able to access the skiing routes. It is a really fun place that you should not miss when you are in Zurich. Its Arvenbuel ski is really perfect for the beginners who want to try a hand at skiing. The resort has so many skiing opportunities for you and your family.

Visit the animals at Zurich zoo

You can easily get up to 30% off when you visit the Zurich zoo at Zurichbergstrasses 221 at 8044 Zurich. During the winter season, you can pay a trip to the zoo and see all the animals that they have. You have up to 11,000m2 of space to wonder through and see all the world animals in their habitat.

They also have exotic plants; the likes that you have not seen anywhere else. They also have rainforests that you can have a look at when you are at the adjacent restaurant. Anybody irrespective of their age will be able to visit the zoo and have a good time.
When you are in Zurich, you will be able to enjoy so many activities that are best suited for winter. You can be assured of doing one snow activity and you can have a look at Holiday in Zurich to get more insights.

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